High Summer, High Seas

White pants and nautical blue and white stripes = an outfit fit for the open sea! Ultimately, I think it would be best worn on a yacht, but I’ve yet to meet the friend that invites me out onto their charter. I do have tentative plans to go out sailing tomorrow though, so I’m looking forward to putting this outfit to good use!

S (312)b

This is my first pair of jeans from Tallgirls, and I love the fit, though they do fit VERY slim.. that or my thighs have been growing from all my squats! I got my regular size, and could have probably fit a size up as well, but the stretch in these makes the tight pant still comfortable. The linen style striped top is so breezy and comfortable, especially in the hot sun. I’d wear it as is, or even open as a swimsuit cover, with a cute white bikini underneathe!

And a quick shout out to Hudson’s Bay for their always amazing sales.. I scored my rad metallic Marc Jacobs sneakers a couple months back off the sale rack for the price of a Converse shoe! For all my Canadian friends, keep your eyes on the sales and special events at the Bay! It’s worth it ūüėČ







Top: Tallgirls UK
Jeans: Tallgirls UK
Sneakers:¬†Marc Jacobs, Hudson’s Bay



Photos by Belinda Smith, Chapter 8 Photography

Summer’s a-Comin’

This past week was the kind of week I’ve needed for a long time. I took a train out of the city to go spend some time with my bestest best, Belinda; my longest and dearest friend. It’s probably been over a year since we’ve had some good quality girl time and what better way to take a break and reset, before summer kicks off.

With not much planned beyond hanging out with her beautiful 2-year-old son and catching up on all our goings on since the last time we saw each other, I was beyond stoked when she agreed to use some of our time together to get creative and shoot some awesome new summer goodies that Tall Girls UK has added to my closet.

SD (235)

This evening couldn’t have been more perfect. Though summer doesn’t officially begin until later this week, the warm air, dusty fields and low sun gave me all the summer feels, and I know I’ll be wearing his dress over and over and over again all season long. It’s lightweight and relaxed makes it feel like it’s barely there!

SD (91)

SD (205)


Dress: dropped waist dress, Tall Girls UK
Boots: Steve Madden



Photos by Belinda Smith – Chapter 8 Photography


Flashback to February. I attended the most amazing tall women’s brunch hosted here in Toronto by tall blogger Bree of The Tall Society.¬†For any of you who have yet to experience one of these brunches, I highly recommend checking her tour schedule HERE¬†to see when the event will be in a city near you. There’s an unspoken understanding between tall women, and it feels so refreshing and empowering to spend time with those who just seem to get you (and your height!!).

We were sent home with little swag bags after our lovely afternoon with a selection of great discounts and gift cards for some tall friendly retailers, including two pairs (or should I say pears) of adorable socks from Woven Pear. Aside from the super fun prints and designs they offer, the best part about their socks? They fit up to a women’s size 12!! Which for any of you tall girls, you know that can be hard to find sometimes.


I had so much fun shooting¬†this look with my girl Jazminn, who, at 6’1, is my tall partner in crime here in the city. She was my tall brunch date, and it was obvious that she’d help me out with this week’s look. Spending time with her continually reminds me how valuable it is to have women in your life who only love and support you and who generate nothing but positive energy.




Socks: Woven Pear (designs: Need Narwhal and Pink Lemonade)
Boxers: Daydream Nation from The Store On Queen
Romper: Daydream Nation from The Store On Queen
Bra: La Senza



Photos by Amy Buck

I Popped My ASOS Cherry!

There’s one week during spring time that everyone seems to be posting the same photo: something to do with cherry blossoms. Here in Toronto, we’ve got a few hot spots for people to bring their cameras during this brief and magical time of year, but the place to be is in High Park. I had never actually gone but had heard stories of the hoards of people who flock to the park to check out these trees. Honestly, it sounded a bit silly until I got there and saw just how beautiful it really is.

The reason I braved the crowds was because I couldn’t imagine any other setting to shoot an outfit from my first ever ASOS order! I’ve known for quite some time that ASOS has a tall department but it wasn’t until Bree from The Tall Society tipped me off on their outlet sales, that I finally made a purchase. I have to keep myself from browsing their site because I could probably buy something new every time!

steph 5

The top and shorts are so soft, I’m actually in love. They aren’t necessarily pieces that I’d need to ‘shop tall’ for, but knowing they were from the tall department, I was confident that the cropped tee wouldn’t be too short, and that the shorts would cover my entire bum. I was not disappointed, and how completely adorable is the set??! The monochrome outfit inspired me to stay in the pink/blush/white family, so I accessorized with pieces from Forever 21, and grabbed my nude fishnets from La Senza!

Top: ASOS Tall, velvet lounge top with ruched sleeve
Shorts: ASOS Tall, velvet lounge shorts with tie
Jacket: my aunt’s high school Volleyball jacket
Forever 21
Fishnets: La Senza
Shoes: Aldo


Photos by Tudor Stanescu


Spring Cleaning

It’s still difficult to tell whether or not¬†Spring has actually sprung, what with all these surprise snowfalls we’ve been getting over the last few weeks. I mean come onnnnn Mother Nature, give it a break already!

But with the slowww transition to Spring, comes the need to purge and clean up the home, and in turn the closet. I often find it difficult to let go of old, out of date clothes, especially when they’re garments that fit. Sure I may not have worn them for years, but what if I get rid of them and later have a need for that exact item? Where else will I find something like it that’s going to fit me should I ever need it again?!¬†Is it completely ridiculous to hold on to these pieces for that rare just-in-case scenario?

I have two pairs of pants in particular that I just can’t seem to let go of. I bought them while I was in¬†university (probably nine or ten years ago) at a store called Off The Wall, a store that occasionally carried longer denim lengths. These pants are¬†both somewhat retro looking slacks (one tweed, the other plaid… lol I know… ), and and if I’m being honest, have worn them MAYBE a handful of times. Even so, I can’t justify parting with them, so I decided to style¬†a pair with¬†this cold crossover winter/spring outfit.

Waking up to snow this morning, this sweater is exactly what I want to cuddle up in all day.¬†It’s adorably stylish¬†and would look cute over some lingerie around the house, or thrown over an outfit to run some errands.

Does anyone else hoard clothes like I do?? How do you renew old garments to make them new again?…. Or is it time to just let go?


Pants: old tweed slacks by Song (house brand), from Off The Wall (no longer open)
Sweater: KNITZ by For Love and Lemons, from The Store on Queen
Bra: Skivvies by For Love and Lemons, from The Store On Queen
Shirt: The Store On Queen
The Store On Queen
Necklace: Forever 21



Photos by Vanessa Popolii


The Tallest Bridesmaid

This last weekend I had the honour of standing up in my girlfriend’s wedding, down in Tampa, Florida. Not only was I excited to visit Florida for the first time, but with the way our Spring has started up in Toronto, I was anxious to escape the cold and soak in some sunshine!

The last few months coming up to her wedding date,¬†she made sure I was up to date with all the details, everything from the table centrepieces down to every one of her accessories. I was a bit worried about being the long distance bridesmaid, but then realized quickly that it would not be a problem. The one thing I WAS nervous about however, was my dress. Knowing that I would be the tallest in the wedding party, I wasn’t sure how easy (or how expensive) it would be to find something suitable.

pre-wedding selfie with The BRIDE!!!: Nicole Jones

Luckily, she was open to the bridesmaids wearing different styles, as long as they were all long and a shade of grey,¬†so I turned to Google to help me find some online dress retailers that would accept custom sizing. After reading review upon review for many different sites, I settled on JJ’s House,¬†and was so wonderfully pleased! I loved that I was able to shop by style, price range, colour, etc., AND most dresses seem to be marked down in price. I obviously needed extra length added and they did not disappoint (I actually ended up getting my dress hemmed a little bit as I had planned on wearing flats… when does a tall girl ever have to get anything hemmed?!!). To top it off, the turnaround time was true to their estimate, and I was not left waiting week’s on end for my dress to come from overseas. Overall, 10/10 would recommend, ESPECIALLY for my tall babes!

In terms of accessories, she asked us to each wear nude shoes and if we were wearing jewelry, to keep it to rose gold. I found my shoes¬†(and was¬†lucky enough to get them on sale!!) from Hudson’s Bay. I thought that¬†most flats looked¬†too harsh against the whimsical style of my dress, but these flats by Joie couldn’t have been more perfect. I completed the look with a gorgeous rose gold layered necklace from Free People, and a black and rose gold ring set from Aldo Accessories.


Dress:¬†Style #90176, JJ’s House
Shoes:¬†Bandele Satin Ballet Flats by Joie, Hudson’s Bay
Necklace: Secret Gardens Metallic Bolo, Free People
Rings: Niacia, Aldo Accessories


Overall, it was a beautiful week full of sunshine and overflowing with love. The wedding was hosted at such a beautiful location and every single person involved was absolutely wonderful. I made sure to do my best to capture some details and get some names so I could share it and pass it on in case any of you are from the Odessa/Tampa/Florida¬†area and might need for yourself in the future. I’ve yet to be a bride myself, so I’m always taking my own mental notes. One dayy ūüėČ



Peter, from Spunky Spirits, graciously kept my wine glass filled all night ūüėČ



pre-reception munchies




Venue: The Barn at Crescent Lake
Alcohol: Spunky Spirits
Photographers: Chris Dijak and Nick Redburn, 1218 Studios

Toronto Women’s Fashion Week

In most of the world’s biggest and most fashion¬†forward cities, fashion week comes around twice a year. That was the case here in Toronto as well, up until last summer when organizers announced it’s cancellation due to lack of local support. You can imagine my excitement when I found out that the founders of Toronto Men’s Fashion week were going to introduce a separate Women’s Fashion Week as well!


Photo by Chris Cheung

Having walked runway many times before, including a few seasons¬†for Zoran Dobric years ago for Toronto Fashion week, I’m no stranger to the event or the atmosphere, but attending on the media side of things was a completely different experience. Despite the dropping temperatures, I managed to make it to 5 shows between Saturday and Sunday for the first ever TW FW, and enjoyed every single one of them! Over the course of those two days I learned that I really want a kickass pant suit,¬†the¬†bigger the fringe, the better, and that I also need a great statement hat this season.

There wasn’t one show I attended that I didn’t enjoy. Evan Bidell, Roch, Stephan Caras, Hendrixroe and Mikael D. They were all incredible, though I did definitely have some favourites.

I knew I’d love Evan Biddell as I’d seen some of his work shown previously when I walked for FAT. He took on a challenge from Value Village, and repurposed 81lbs of second hand garments into a show that had cool vintage, rock and roll vibes.

The standout show to me was Hendrixroe. After seeing some of the photos from her men’s show earlier in the week I was excited and knew I’d enjoy it, but it ended up surpassing my expectations.¬†I couldn’t get enough of the fringed moto jackets, and definitely want to get my hands on one of my own! Specifically one¬†with the “Property of No One” patches on the back. The rock and roll vibes tend to win me over and this show did¬†the same. This is the kind of line I’d wear. Every single item. And Hendrixroe is definitely a new favourite of mine.

I’ve included a few other favourite looks of mine from the two nights I attended. I’m beyond excited for next season! Now that I’ve broken the ice on this side of the spectrum, I’m ready and waiting for more.


Stephan Caras: 

Mikael D:



All runway photos by Shane Gray


Staying Motivated with MPGxLTS

With spring just around the corner, I’m feeling the push to get my fitness routine back to being a regular routine. While I’m in the groove of getting myself back on track, I figured I’d share some tips and tricks that keep me motivated/excited about my workouts, and afterwards I’ve got two new outfits to go with it (you didn’t think I’d leave the fun part out did you?!).¬†I’m definitely no expert, and there are plenty of fitness gurus online that you can pull inspiration from, but I’ve been feeling good about the work I’ve been putting in and thought I’d share what works for me!

  1. Schedule your gym/workout time! I understand a busy schedule. In fact, mine has been a bit TOO busy lately what with moving apartments thrown into the mix. But now that that’s done,¬†I’m back to figuring out when I can get to the gym. I end up scheduling my workouts just like I’d schedule a meeting, or an appointment. Whether it’s a chunk of time to go to the gym, or doing squats between chores when your schedule is just too tight, write it down! You have no excuse when you’ve already allotted time for it.
  2. Change up your routine. Since I’ve started going back to the gym, I’ve tried to make sure I’m not doing the same thing over and over. It keeps things interesting and keeps your body engaged. Doing the same thing day in and day out, your body will eventually plateau and you won’t see much growth, plus, it’s way more fun when you’ve got other options. I like to throw classes into the mix when I can fit them in because it generally gets me moving in ways I don’t do on my own, and at a different pace than I often workout.
  3. Find what makes you feel good.¬†I feel most productive at the gym when I’m in a good mood. Often enough, all I need is a good playlist to get me grooving. Lately I’ve been jamming to Rag’N’Bone Man’s new album ‘Human.’I don’t think it’s typical workout music, but whatever works for you, roll with it!
    Not gonna lie, I also feel great when I’ve got a great gym outfit on too, which I never really realized until recently. For awhile I was just wearing simple workout pants and a cut off tshirt (which, don’t get me wrong, I still wear!!), but sometimes a fresh outfit give me that extra push I need. When I look¬†the part, it’s almost easier to act the part. And when acting the part consists of working out harder, my body is not complaining!
  4. Don’t compare yourself to others.¬†I often look at others as inspiration (@tammyhembrow¬†and @rahrahxoxo are some of my faves on Insta), but sometimes it’s easy to look at them and feel intimidated/defeated because I’m not where they are. Don’t get caught up in that trap! Everyone is at different stages in their fitness journey, and comparing yourself to someone else is like comparing apples and oranges. You may both be working out, but they probably have a completely different body type than you, and have probably¬†been going at it longer/harder, and have a different diet/lifestyle/etc. The only way to gauge progress is to compare yourself against yourself. Listen to your body and watch as it responds/changes over time. I find that when I see even the slightest improvement, I’m even more excited to push myself a little bit more.
  5. Listen to your body.¬†Everyone has days when they’re not feeling motivated, and sometimes those days your workout is short and sweet and you don’t do much. The point though, is that you still did something. I’ve learned that to stay motivated, I don’t work well if I’m really not feeling it. But I also have to balance that with pushing myself when I’m feeling a bit low energy. This often means doing that extra repetition when I think I’m done. Or adding that extra 5 pounds to my weights during my last set. The longer I work out the better I get at listening to what my body needs, and what it can do. I’ve been going at my own pace, but I’m learning how/when to push myself, especially when I feel like I can’t.

There it is! I’m no expert by ANY means. Just a girl figuring out how I can better myself and my body. Let me know what you think, and if you have any tips/tricks that help you out.

OH!! And my newest (and favourite) outfits! When LTS announced their collab with MPG Sport, I decided what better way to use my Long Tall Sally¬†Christmas gift card I’d been saving. I bought myself the mesh paneled workout tights and fell in love. So when LTS¬†asked if I’d be interested in trying out a few more pieces, I was obviously excited, and after wearing them all, I’m a fan.


Jogging Pants: Washed Sweatpants, Long Tall Sally
I’m wearing a Small. The length and fit are perfect (surprise surprise). They are incredibly comfortable and soft on the inside, and stylish if you’re wearing them out and about while running errands.

T-Shirt: MPGxLTS Eden Warm Down Top, Long Tall Sally
I love the light weight material, and the detailing on the back panel!

Tights: MPGxLTS Splicer Fabric Mixed Leggings, Long Tall Sally
I’m wearing an Extra Small. I LOVE THESE! They fit beautifully. The material is a nice thick fabric but still breathes while working out.

Sports Bra: MPGxLTS Accomplish Sports Bra, Long Tall Sally
I’m wearing a size Small. Overall, it fits and feels great! I don’t really notice it at all while I’m working out. Though it’s a touch difficult to do the hooks up on the back.

Jacket: Bomber Jacket, Long Tall Sally
I’m wearing a US8. This jacket is a new staple in my wardrobe. Basic black. Dressed up or down, it’s a stylish and simple addition to any outfit.

Shoes: Adidas Pureboost X trainers, Footlocker
I’ve only worn these sneakers a few times so far, but they feel like a cloud on my feet! I don’t know if it’s because my last trainers were far older than I’m willing to admit, but regardless, I’m loving these!



Photos by Justin Robinson

Mix and Match

You never realize how much stuff you have until you move. This month has been the absolute craziest, spending time packing and moving our old apartment to our new one.¬†Just when we think we’ve got everything pretty much tied up, there’s another van load to be moved. The way everything worked out, we ended up having over a month overlapping which gave us time to move everything over the course of a few weeks, but paying for two apartments for almost a full month also tightens up the budget a bit. This is why I decided to share some of my favourite pieces that I bought ON SALE!

The best part of this entire outfit, is the fact that the mixing of patterns and textures doesn’t necessarily make sense together, so much so that it just works. Even though I love the idea of mixing and matching, my day to day mood/vibe is not generally this bold. But every once in awhile, that’s exactly the style I’m ¬†looking for.


Shirt: TTYAxLTS Origami Flower Over Shirt, Long Tall Sally
Originally $99, still available and on sale for $39!!
I’m wearing a size 6.
Shorts: TTYAxLTS Origami Flower Shorts, Long Tall Sally
Originally $79, still available and on sale for $35!!
I’m wearing a size 6.
Jacket: The Store On Queen
Though this awesome faux fur jacket is no longer available, the store often gets great and unique pieces, and when they go on sale, they reallyyy go on sale! When I bought this one, if I remember correctly, it was 60% off the sale price ‚̧
Bag: Holographic Weekender by Current Mood, Dollskill.
$45, but I scooped it up during their Cyber Monday sale for 30% off! (though they often have some sort of sale/promo going on)
Choker: Notice Me Senpai leather choker with brass stud closure, Oak & Honey x Pink City
Newly released item, $24. Not currently on sale.
Shoes: Aldo

Are there any brands that generally host great sales? I feel like I’ll be catching up after this move for awhile, so I may have to stick to fashion on a budget and I need all the tips I can get. Where do you find your favourite deals??



Photos by Naomi Peters

My Love Story

Valentine’s Day marks three years of ‘I Love Yous’ with my boyfriend and I, so what better way to celebrate than to share our love story with you all, starting from the beginning. If mushy love stories aren’t your thing, I strongly advise you to turn back now, and return when I’ve got some more fashion fun for you. If you’re all about the romance, jump right in ūüôā


I don’t remember who sent the first tweet, but Adam (my 6’4 ‘Lovahh’ as I call him) came across a photo of my bum on the Twitterverse (I’m sorry, I forgot to mention that our story is a bit unconventional). Apparently it peaked his interest, especially when he realized I was in the same city as he was. We exchanged a few tweets here and there and he popped up on my radar because his profile photo was definitely cute, and described a producer who traveled to New York, LA and Toronto. At the time I was about to move out of the city, and regardless, we were both in relationships that were¬†slowly growing apart, so it was at the time but a mere online acquaintance.


A few months passed, and while I was living about an hour and a half outside of the city, I was back at LEAST once a month for a photoshoot, or to visit friends. One of these trips back, I saw that his most recent Instagram photo was through the window of a laundromat that I recognized, and coincidentally, would be passing by shortly. I decided to stop by, and officially say hello. It was random. Perhaps a bit awkward. But we became friends irl.


It’s funny how the universe works and brings people into your life at different times, for different reasons. I obviously wasn’t aware when we met in a laundromat that a few more months down the road we would find ourselves at the end of each of our respective relationships. We began to speak more frequently, and one day he mentioned in passing that he needed a vacation and planned on taking one during his time off that February (we are now mid-December). Surprisingly enough, he extended the invitation out to me. He says he never really knew what to expect, but figured there was no harm in asking. Initially I was very taken aback. I mean, I didn’t really know this guy. And he wanted me to travel with him??! The idea seemed a bit crazy, but¬†then without much thought, I agreed. Newly single and just looking to make the most out of life and the experiences thrown my way, what did I have to lose? I’m pretty sure we basically had everything booked and planned before he asked me out on a date, which happened soon thereafter.


New Years Eve. I was making a familiar trip back to the city but this time, I had different plans. I was meeting a boy. And we were going out on our first date. We didn’t really have set plans, but it was New Years Eve so there was plenty going on. I remember exactly what I was wearing, how nervous I was, where we went. We spent most of the evening chatting over drinks, almost missing the countdown, after which we dropped by my friend’s party and then made the walk back through the icy streets. It was fun, carefree, and a perfect night out. Thankfully, considering I’d committed to vacationing with this man just over a month later.


Time passed quickly and before we knew it, we were on a flight to Jamaica. We had spoken probably everyday since our date, and by the time we were traveling side by side, I felt comfortable as though I’d known him for much, much longer. I remember a friend joking around before I left, saying this trip would either break us up, or make us fall in love. She was right.


I really wasn’t expecting it. In fact, I just intended to have a carefree trip, and to go wherever the wind took me. If the wind took me to Jamaica with a handsome boy whose company I thoroughly enjoyed, who was I to say no? But there’s something about the salty air, warm sun, laid back people, and overall chill Jamaican vibes.. I let my guard down WAY sooner than I’d ever imagined, and before I knew it I felt myself feeling some type of way one night while we were laying on the¬†cliffside of our small resort, our heads side by side, silently watching the stars and listening to the waves crashing on the rocks. We both did.


We arrived back home, high off of adrenaline and hormones, and made plans to hang out for Valentine’s Day one week later. I don’t think I’d ever had official plans for Valentine’s Day, so again, I was nervous and excited, and before I knew it was back in the city to spend more time with Adam. He completely surprised me and booked us a room at a beautiful hotel, and also made dinner reservations. I dressed like a lady, him, a complete gentleman, and we enjoyed dinner and drinks out, before retreating back to our room. I’m not sure how it came about, but we were lying side by side, probably reminiscing our previous week in¬†Jamaica, and he told me he felt it when we were there, but hadn’t said it for fear it might be too soon. He loved me. My head was telling me ¬†that maybe it was all happening too quickly. That I shouldn’t be so easy to open up. But my heart was already bursting at the seams, and I decided to listen to it. “I love you too.”


That was three years ago today. I was at a time in my life that I was so open and receptive to what life had in store for me, and am so happy and beyond thankful that what the universe¬†brought to me during that time was the love of my life. I knew then that he had so many qualities that I loved and I also knew that his heart was genuine and pure and I quickly fell in love with him for that. What I didn’t know at the time, was how well he would complement me, how well he would understand me, and how much he would love me for me. I’ve never met anyone as relaxed, patient, and gentle in a relationship as he is, and consider myself lucky every single day I get to call him my Lovahh and my best friend. I get excited when I wake up feeling more in love with him than the day before, and look forward to the intensity that love will continue to grow into¬†when we’re an old and surly couple.


We fell in love with no expectations, and it’s led me to the greatest of adventures. As we’ve been moving into our next chapter¬†(moving into a new apartment and entering our 3rd year of living together), I look back on where we’ve gone, how far we’ve come, and get excited for where we’re going.¬†Especially on days like today when I’m reminded to celebrate just how great our love really is!


Note: photos do not coincide with any points of the story, but are just some of my favourites of us¬†‚̧