“You’re Tall, You Should be a Model!”

Models are generally tall. I’m very tall. What most people don’t realize, but what all tall girls are probably well aware of, is that at 6’2, I’m actually too tall.

This week I received an email from a fellow tall beauty asking me how I got into modeling since I’m so tall. Being the same height as myself, she had been turned down by agencies because of her height. What did I tell her? Basically, that I did it myself. But there’s so much more to it, and so I figured I’d share my modeling journey for those interested.

I began this journey in 12th grade. There was a small agency in a nearby city (London, Ontario) that seemed to work with a lot of local business and they also offered a 12 week course that covered everything you really needed to know to get started in the industry (makeup tips, runway practice, casting dos and don’ts, monologue training, 2 beginner photoshoots, etc).  While I don’t necessarily endorse these types of programs (they often seem to be a money grab),  it actually helped me gain a lot of experience and confidence for  the future. For awhile after this I did a few local fashion shows, but nothing too big.

I then worked up the courage to try out for the second season of Canada’s Next Top Model. Though I was still very green, I was confident with my runway walk and my small portfolio and was excited for the potential opportunity. Elmer Olsen himself (of Elmer Olsen Model Management), complimented my runway walk, but then asked if there wasn’t a height restriction on the website of the competition. No.. There definitely wasn’t or else I wouldn’t have wasted my time. He said I was too tall. It was a bit frustrating but I also wasn’t entirely surprised.

For awhile after that while I was still in university, I ended up working with a small agency in Toronto, Orange Model Management. I loved the people there, but they were the type of agency that seemed to allow just about anyone onto the roster. While I had a few “portfolio building” opportunities through them, including walking in Toronto Fashion week two seasons in a row, I didn’t really get many paid jobs and I still didn’t really feel like a ‘real model’. When I finally graduated and moved into the city, I thought perhaps then a bigger and more reputable agency would take me on, but was again turned down by every agency I visited. It was at that point that I decided to just do what I was doing as a freelance model.

For awhile, I didn’t do very much. I’d pick up an opportunity here and there but they were often far and few between. But over time, I’ve networked and made awesome connections with photographers and designers, some of which have become friends. I’ve also been lucky enough to work with talent that has been published in online and hard copy magazines. Often times, I shoot for the fun of it. I work with a friend to come up with a concept and we shoot it because we love to, which means there’s no money involved. I make myself extremely busy, but it’s not all the glamour it looks like in the photos I post online. It’s hard work, and I love to create awesome content, but I’m often not getting paid. BUT, sometimes, that also leads to a bigger opportunity that makes it all worth it.

It might not be the model life that I initially hoped for, traveling and walking runways across the globe, and running around to go-sees and castings for major campaigns. But I’ve found my journey to be incredibly rewarding. I’ve created and been part of so many awesome images and projects that I’m proud of, and it’s incredibly satisfying to know that I’ve got to where I am today because of my own hard work and determination. I didn’t let the no’s stop me from doing something I loved, but rather let it inspire me to create my own path. I’m still far from being a ‘working model’ but I’m proud of who I created myself to be, which I believe to be more than just a model, but rather a personal brand. By now I’m far to old for the modeling industry, but because I’m carving out my own route, I know I’ll be going strong for awhile.

I know this post is long, and I definitely have not fully covered everything, but if you have any questions about my journey or experiences, I’m an open book so feel free to ask! I’d also love to hear about your experiences, maybe not even related to modeling. Perhaps you just didn’t let your height get in the way. Share!! ❤


The Perfect Dress?

It might be a big statement to make, but I do believe this dress from Long Tall Sally might actually be the perfect dress.

steph body fierce

I was so excited when this dress arrived in the mail, and was pleasantly surprised with how soft it was. From the photos,  I knew this dress would look lovely and could easily be used for any upcoming formal event, but the soft ribbed material makes it an awesome option when dressing down as well. I can easily see this with a pair of white sneakers and light jacket. Then come evening, a quick change of shoes and losing the jacket, and you’re ready for night (a look I should probably get around to shooting as well!).

steph cu bodysteph body2stephsteph cu w clutchsteph clawssteph heels2

The best part of shooting this look was walking down Bloor Street in Yorkville. My attire was perfect for this part of the city, but something about heels and a dress that hugs all your curves when you’re 6’2 to begin with, and it’s just about impossible to go unnoticed. If you’re looking for something that will turn heads, this simple and classic piece will do the trick.

Dress: LTS Highneck Monochrome Rib Dress
Shoes: Zara
Clutch: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Forever21
Sunglasses: Aldo



Photos by Vanessa Popoli


High Summer in High Park

Last week Long Tall Sally released their High Summer collections in North America and I couldn’t be more excited! I was able to get my hands on a few of the goodies and what better way to showcase this first look than by a date to the park.


The weather cooperated beautifully and one of my good friends and I took a stroll through the trees, catching up on the last few months since we’d last hung out and shot photos! We stopped at this small field of reeds that was a beautiful golden colour; the perfect contrast to the navy jumpsuit. Not only does it fit beautifully in the torso, but it also sits comfortably at my ankle, and the tie at the waist is perfect to accentuate the waistline. Though I wore it on a casual day at the park, this piece can easily be dressed up for a night out!


We ended our park date by taking a detour down to Roncesvalles for lunch and a cocktail at La Cubana. A double mojito paired with a chicken and avocado sandwich on their lovely back patio gave me some promising summer vibes. Now all I need is a tan!

Jumpsuit: Soft Drape Jumpsuit from Long Tall Sally
I’m in a size 6.
AccessoriesForever 21
Sandals: Aldo



Photos by Naomi Peters

Coffee Break

I’m a big fan of a good old boyfriend jean; baggy, not necessarily flattering, and rolled up just above the ankle. While it is a look worn by many of all shapes and sizes, I’m particularly in love with this look because I can strategically wear pants that are otherwise too short. As much  as I LOVE to shop tall, it’s not always possible, or the styles that I love just simply aren’t available in longer lengths, so it’s important to find ways to incorporate standard sizes into your wardrobe but still make them look like they were made for you!


While I’m a lover of all sorts of styles and looks, I’d say that 90% of the time, my personal style is much more along the lines of today’s look. A grungy chic look that says I’m just going to grab a coffee and run some errands and CHILL, even though I would most likely rock this look just about anywhere, on just about any occassion. This casual look is so much easier now too because the weather is finally starting to feel like Spring,  and I’m no longer being left with near frostbite on my ankles (a sensation that is all too common when pants are often not the right fit).


JeansOne Teaspoon (bought at The Store On Queen)
I chose a size 30 in the waist to get a low rise baggy fit (2 sizes larger than my normal)
Shirt: Free People (one of my favourite brands. EVER!)
Jacket: H&M
Shoes: Aldo
Lip: Liquid lipstick by Kat Von D, in Echo



Photos by @HollaBec