This coming weekend happens to be one of my favourite times of the year in the city. Not only is it Canada day on July 1st, but this weekend is also Toronto Pride! If you’ve never been to a pride celebration, you’re missing out. It’s probably the most wonderful gathering of people who are free to express themselves and to express their love as they see fit, and celebrate the freedom we have to do so. This year, the theme for Pride month is “You Can Sit With Us.” Everyone is included. No one is left out. It’s a beautiful message reminding us all that Love is Love, and while it’s been celebrated all month, the climax of celebrations are this weekend.

The theme of this year couldn’t be more appropriate, given some of the recent headlines this month. I was particularly excited by an initiative taken by my friends over at Pink City and thought what better time to share it than now! So I spent a day with one of my favourite people (my boyfriend) at one of my favourite places (Toronto island) to shoot some photos of this week’s look.

I am wearing Pink City’s “PEACEKEEPER” jersey:

It’s been quite the rough week… and in the wake of all this tragedy and violence, it’s important that we keep spreading peace and love. As Canadians, this is something that defines us. Canada Day is just a few weeks away, so we thought it was about time to release our “PEACEKEEPER” baseball jerseys. Proceeds from each jersey will be donated to Equality Florida to support the victims of the Pulse shooting. Show the world that no matter what, we can keep shining. ‪#‎WeAreOrlando‬

IMG_5017 2IMG_5022 2IMG_5028 2IMG_5033 2IMG_5063 2IMG_5066 2IMG_5068 2IMG_5070 2IMG_5073 2

I love to shop local, and I love supporting a good cause and this jersey does both (and looks ridiculously cool).


Jersey: Pink City (I’m wearing an XL)
Bikini: Wildfox
Shorts: Zara (I’m wearing a size 6)



Photos by Adam Holmes


As many of you can probably relate, my schedule is always  busy. Working multiple jobs and fitting my own personal projects in the mix never really leaves much room for down time. Even when I DO have a day off, there are way too many things to do that I often fill them with some sort of plans anyways (productive and personal).

Last week, for example, I worked every day from last Sunday to Friday, planned a rare full day in the sun with my boyfriend on Saturday, and then jumped back into another full week of work yesterday. That’s why I decided to fit in a visit to Reviv on Friday.


Reviv is a wellness spa that recently opened up here in Toronto, after already having successful locations all around the world. They provide IV hydration and booster shots that cover all sorts of needs ranging from a boost in energy and hydration, to relief from hangovers, and more. At first I was a bit skeptical. It sounded like a quick fix for people who wanted to bypass putting in the work. But the more I looked into it, the more I understood why this type of treatment makes sense. It’s a great way to top off your current vitamin and hydration levels.


Overall, my experience was lovely. The space is bright and welcoming. The staff is warm and friendly. The couch is comfortable and complete with pillows and blankets when the IV fluid starts to cool you down. Not gonna lie, towards the end I started to feel a little stoned but that didn’t last long. I left feeling fantastic, and went to work until 3am that night not even feeling once, the weight of the busy week I’d had. I’m already curious about the other options they offer and am looking forward to my next visit.


For those of you in Toronto interested in checking them out, tell them StefieDrew sent you! There’s also a media event this Thursday evening if you’re interested in learning more. More details about it here, and make sure to RSVP if you plan on going 🙂


I ❤ Bestival

Recently in an article in Bloomberg, reporter Claire Suddath wrote that I look like I’m the type of girl who “dresses like someone who can tell you a lot of stories about going to Coachella.”

While I LOVE festival fashion and also have a deep love of music, I sadly have never been to Coachella… yet! I DO however try to catch shows for some of my favourite artists when they’re in the city, and this  weekend was able to go to Bestival for a day. I missed out last year and as soon as I saw Daughter and Grimes in the lineup, and on the same day,  I made sure to grab a ticket for this year.

It was a windy and slightly chilly day at times, enough for me to forget the need for sunscreen (hellooooo awkward tanlines), but overall I had such a beautiful time. I heard some people complain that last year was better, but I had no previous experience to compare it to and probably would have thoroughly enjoyed the experience regardles. Give me music, and sunshine, and I’m a happy girl!

It was also the perfect day to wear my lace pants from Long Tall Sally (paired with an adorable off the shoulder crop top from them as well). You know you did something right when both guys AND girls are stopping you to compliment your outfit. It’s very rare for me though, to wear pants that are too long, but that was the case today. I tried to tie them up on each leg so that I could comfortably wear my converse shoes with them, but it wasn’t long before those threads came undone, and I was dancing on the hems of my pants at the Bollywood stage. I considered wearing my 7 inch platform sandals so this wouldn’t be an issue, but decided that I wanted to enjoy myself today, and not turn myself into one of the attractions at the festival. Being a 6’9 mermaid dancing through the park would make it MUCH more difficult to blend in and enjoy myself than it was at 6’2. Note to self: get these pants hemmed (something I never thought I’d say).

IMG_4754 2IMG_4787

IMG_4811 2IMG_4813 2

IMG_4969 2IMG_4970 2IMG_4977 2IMG_4980 2IMG_4985 2IMG_4999 2

I think for me, this was my official kick off to summer ’16. It’s also left me craving more music and more festivals. More! GIVE ME MORE!!! Until then, I’m looking forward to sunshine in the 6ix. Summer is here 🙂


Pants and top: Long Tall Sally
Sunglasses, choker and flash tattoosThe Store On Queen
Backpack: in my closet



Photos by myself and Naomi Peters

Sweet Jesus!

With all this amazingly hot weather we’ve been getting, I finally have a legitimate excuse to frequent one of my favourite ice cream spots in the city, Sweet Jesus! They have so many beautifully extravagant cones that taste just as amazing as they look. On my most recent visit, I decided to try out the Red Rapture. Seriously. SO. GOOD! They also have a fantastic selection of paletas, which I always try out when I go for dinner at La Carnita, and some beverage options as well (let’s be real though, I’m always far too distracted with the ice cream selection to pay much attention to the drinks. They all look awesome on their instagam page though!).


I kept my outfit fairly casual that day. I recently came across this awesome vest at Express during a storewide 40% off sale and was so excited! I’d been looking for a long black vest for awhile and instantly fell in love with the trench coat detailing on this one. I just love how this piece took my vintage Levis and Nuvango tank from casual to casual chic. It effortlessly elevates just about any outfit!



Tank topNuvango
Shorts: vintage cut off Levi’s (found at Kind Exchange)
Boots: Steve Madden



Photos by Naomi Peters