Model Bag

About a month ago, I came across one of Model Atelier‘s newest products, the Model Bag, and instantly wanted one. I was a bit sad I hadn’t come across something like this a decade ago when I was a new model trying to find my way through the industry, but realized it’s equally as valuable to me now as it would have been then!

new_bag_4Every runway model needs 6 key pieces at all times! Our team of runway models created the Model Bag that includes all black essentials to make life easier for models on the go! Models will become obsessed with this bag because it’s perfect for castings, agency parties, and special events! Click on the bag to see what you get for the price of $150. — Model Atelier

While every model needs 6 key pieces, I think that these 6 pieces are also great wardrobe essentials for any woman. This particular collection of pieces just happens to be tailored to women (models) 5’8-6’1.

Standing at 6’2, I’m taller than the industry standard. My measurements are also bigger than that of a fashion model, so I knew the garments in the model bag may not all be the perfect fit. That being said, I absolutely LOVED the pieces I shot, and will expand a bit on each piece in the bag. The bag itself is also a perfect bag for any girl on the go! Small, but big enough to fit the essentials for go-sees and/or events, or simply just running errands.

Turtleneck: SO figure flattering (which you’ll hear a lot.. Models often need pieces that show off their figure when they’re going in for a quick audition). Not only is this piece great to pair with some denim and pumps (typical go-see attire), but it’s comfortable and a sharp look for all you non models too 🙂


Skirt: What I love so much about this entire collection is how easily you can interchange garments to create different looks, to go from one audition or event to the next with no stress. I literally just changed from my jeans to the skirt and my whole outfit looks transformed!


3/4 Sleeve Dress: Again, SO figure flattering. This is something I would wear time and time again, and we all know that EVERY girl needs at least one little black dress in their closet.


Tank Top and Sleeveless Dress: The only reason why I didn’t shoot these items was because I felt like I was perhaps a bit too busty for the cut of these pieces to sit properly. Models generally have a smaller bust so understandably, the pieces are made for that figure. Otherwise, the dress was again, a beautiful silhouette and I couldn’t stop staring at my butt in it! It also fit a bit longer than the above dress.

Leggings: Black leggings are a pretty generic piece which is part of the reason I didn’t shoot them. I absolutely loved that they were a bit thicker than your general leggings. They were so warm and cozy to wear. I felt like a size up  would be a bit more comfortable to wear, and at 6’2 they didn’t extend fully down to my ankle, but otherwise these leggings are the perfect piece to round out the collection.

Long story short (I know, this post has been quite wordy), I think the Model Bag is a pretty brilliant concept and has been executed beautifully! It’s definitely a great gift for any model. I know that I would have loved something like this when I was a young model, always stressing about making a perfect and professional impression at each casting.

BUT — I also think this is a fantastic gift or purchase for any woman! Keeping in mind, the pieces are mostly catered towards typical model measurements, but it’s available in a small, medium, or large, so there’s some play room for women with more diverse shapes. Such a great way to get some staples into your wardrobe 🙂

If you didn’t already get a head start on all your holiday shopping this past weekend with the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, gifting a Model Bag might be just what you need to kick off the season’s shopping! I would definitely appreciate one of these under the tree!



Photos of me by @viewsfromzach

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Now I know what you’re thinking.. “Stef, we’ve seen this coat already!” (seen HERE)
If you’ve browsed through the CURATDxLTS collection though, you’ll understand why I had to use it again. The entire capsule is stunning and when I got the ribbed turtleneck dress, I knew the only way I could shoot it was with the CURATD jacket as well.


I love monochromatic outfits and I’m currently obsessing over this one. I’ve been seeing this dusty lavender pink everywhere this season so before the season is up, my goal is to find a bag to match (I’ve already scoped out a pair of boots). Now that I’ve gotten some more wear out of the coat, I’m realizing it’s so much warmer that I expected. It may look thin, and there’s only a one button closure, but this coat is definitely a good mix of fashion AND function.

The dress is a simple yet beautiful piece. It felt a bit shorter than I expected when I got it on, and I was a bit surprised by how high the slit went on the side but I think the turtleneck and long sleeves balance it out nicely. It feels classic, but still fresh. And not gonna lie, my boyfriend was a fan of this one 🙂


Dress: Ribbed Turtleneck Dress, CURATDxLTS, Long Tall Sally
Coat: Single Button Maxi Coat, CURATDxLTS, Long Tall Sally
Boots: Aldo
This outfit would look banging with these Camper booties:
Bag: my closet



Photos by Johan Johannesson

Revkor Junction

When my friend Nicole reached out and invited me to try out a new workout space in the city, I was pretty excited. As you all know, I’ve been actively making fitness more part of my lifestyle over the last few weeks (which has been going surprisingly well), so I was eager to add another option to my workout routine.

I was also excited to get some wear out of my Tall Girls UK running leggings. I’m not much of a runner, but they’re so comfortable and I love having a workout pant that is ankle length! They move and breathe so beautifully and the zip pocket below the waistband on the back would be convenient if I needed to store some cash or my keys if I decided to go for a jog.

I decided to visit Revkor Junction last Friday. I scheduled myself in for the 6pm revMIX XPRESS class, even after seeing how intense it looked when I watched a few videos. I knew I had set myself up for a challenge, but I’ve been working out for the past few weeks so how bad could it really be?


When I arrived, I was instantly in love with the space. The huge windows and warehouse feel won me over. The space was beautiful, bright and clean, and definitely inspiring. Upon arriving, I met husband and wife team Sarah and Matteo, who run the space, and their two lovely pups! Matteo set me up with a mat and showed me how to set up my ropes up so they were suitable for my height.


Once everyone arrived we began a few minutes after 6pm. I quickly realized within the first 2 minutes or so that this workout was going to kick my ass, but in the best possible way. There were plenty of variations to each move in case it was too intense for anyone, which I really appreciated. Everything was easy to follow, though challenging to execute especially as we got deeper into the routine. Without the challenge though, what kind of workout would it be?

Surprisingly, although I felt as if I may not make it through at times, the workout went by quickly and I was already thinking about how I can’t wait to come back and work even harder next time. I’m particularly interested in going back to try out the Yoga class taught by Sarah. I love the concept of the entire workout using the hanging tension ropes, and am interested in how it’s used throughout a yoga session.


Have any of you tried out a Revkor workout before? What were your thoughts? If not, I definitely recommend giving it a try, and if you’re in Toronto, change up your workout and visit their new space in the Junction. You’ll have fun! I promise 🙂





The beginning of November is bittersweet. First of all it means that my birth-o-ween is officially over (I celebrate my birthday on October 29, plus, of course, Halloween within the same weekend). It also mean that the cooler weather is here to stay and, usually by now, getting colder.


I’m all for fall weather. For most fashionistas, it’s the perfect time of year for fashion. It’s the time of year for jackets, scarves, hats and layers! It’s my favourite time of year (having my birthday at this time of year helps lol), but there’s always the impending doom that the snow is just around the corner.

This week I played with some layers and also pulled out my leather shorts that I can never actually wear in the summer. Pairing thigh high socks with shorts makes them wearable in cooler weather and is a fun and playful way to change up your fall wardrobe.

My jacket in this post is from Bench. I never realized that they made items that fit taller girls but I’m so stoked to add another brand to the list of brands I can wear! I love how cozy this coat is, like a big oversized sweater. I picked this one up from Long Tall Sally during their 40th Anniversary party and probably would never have discovered that Bench fits me if they didn’t carry a selection of outside brands.


Coat: Bench, from Long Tall Sally
Shorts: Glamorous, from The Store On Queen (ps, they’re actually overalls!!)
Sweater: H&M (from the men’s section)
Socks: American Apparel
Socks and headband: Aldo


Photos by Adam Holmes