Sick Day

I just spent the entire last weekend curled up in a blanket on the couch with my boyfriend, a whole slew of trash tv, and UberEats orders on queue. It’s been a long time since I’ve been properly sick to the point where I’ve had to skip work and stay in bed for days on end, and I’ve gotta say, I really didn’t miss it. I pride myself in being relatively healthy and I feel like my immune system has had a pretty good track record as a result. Until now lol.. It’s been a week since it started and while I feel mostly human today, this nagging chest cough (I know you all know what I’m talking about), feels as though it’s never going to go away. Just when I was feeling motivation and routine settling back in, this wrench in my side.. errr.. chest.. really flip turned everything upside down and is making me take a few extra days of downtime.

It seems right as I caught this awful cold, the entire city simultaneously went into a mild panic when they heard about the first case of the coronavirus on Canadian soil. Talk about feeling self conscious about having to cough in public! Don’t worry, I’m very aware of directing any oncoming coughs into my arm/shoulder or into my scarf when I’m bundled up outside, but it’s hard to ignore the nervous shift or glances from strangers not so secretly paranoid that any and everyone with so much as a sniffle might be a carrier of this epidemic.

My diet of vitamin C, soup, Buckley’s and Ricola cough drops seems to be doing the trick though, and I can safely say I’ve mostly survived the common cold. Though I still may not have been the most productive this week and have avoided using my productivity journal knowing that I haven’t been in a state to tackle any actual projects, I may or may not have done a bit of damage on the online shopping front in the height of my sick haze. Spoiler alert: expect a “Cozy Clothes for Tall Babes” haul coming soon, here and on my YouTube channel. I figured it would be the perfect theme for my recovery.

Anyways, I think it’s time to brew up another tea. The effects of my cough drop are wearing off and I’m not about to let this tickle in my chest win. Until next week,


It’s okay.

In a perfect world, I’d have a bottomless closet with outfit options ready to style every week, with content to post here and across all my socials on the regular.

To be honest, I’m actually sitting on a few outfits I’ve yet to share, but haven’t had the opportunity to style/shoot them yet. After kicking the year off with such well shot outfits and 3 consecutive weeks of content, I don’t want to settle for anything of lower quality, and somehow, self shot photos just don’t quite compare. Am I being too picky? That, and the fact that the weather is next to impossible to comfortably shoot in (today feels like -10 degrees celsius, so the thought of trying to shoot an outfit outside makes me shiver!), and my indoor space isn’t exactly ideal or spacious enough to be doing it inside.

Going into this week I was already a little down on myself for my lack of material, but where I would have previously let that spiral into a feeling of defeat and like I’ve failed when I started the year out so strong, I reminded myself that it’s okay. I want to share and create content because I LIKE to, and at no point should it become something that creates stress or feelings of self-doubt or failure.

My productivity journal has remained blank this week though I’ve made a few mental notes for what I want to accomplish, I haven’t been as diligent at writing things down. Probably partially because I hit a bit of a wall where I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to accomplish. There was a quote in my journal last week though, that kinda resonates with me this week and is keeping me feeling positive moving into next. “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” — Arthur Ashe. I feel like that’s exactly what I’m doing. And that is enough.

Until next week,



My Productivity Journal

This week I finally started using the productivity journal that my boyfriend gave me for Christmas. With so many goals for the year and so many different projects on the go, the whole idea of this journal is to prioritize tasks and get them done in an efficient manner. I’m only going into day 3, but just the act of writing out my to do list is already something I can see will be super beneficial. I’ve also added a large desk calendar so that I can visualize my schedule and projects in hopes it keeps me on top of everything as the year continues. I gave myself a head start by photographing a few outfits during the holidays (the last of which I’m sharing todayyy), so the real test is going to be how I manage my time moving forward because at the moment, I don’t have any outfits for next week.. to be honest, it feels a bit daunting. The success of my regular posts and the growth of my blog as a whole the way I imagine it will be directly correlated to how well this journal works for me soo…. will report back in a few weeks!

As for this week’s outfit, I’m actually pretty pleased that the weather still matches what I shot a few weeks ago. I RARELY wear skirts or dresses casually and am far less inclined to do so when I’m cold, but I love the look of skirts styled with tights for winter (I’m wearing an Ultra Stretch Opaque tight by Secret Legwear and the fit is PERFECT!).

Skirt: Missguided
Hoodie: Missguided
Coat: Missguided
Hat: Asos
Earrings: Asos
Boots: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Soufeel Jewelry (use code Stefanie15 to get 15% off your own necklace)

Unboxing and initial try-on video HERE

Leaving with a quote. Until next week!! xx

Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do. — Steve Jobs

What Does Your Profile Say About You?

My boyfriend and I started watching a new reality series, The Circle, on Netflix this week. It kinda has this Big Brother-esque feel to it, except the contestants don’t meet in person, they only meet and interact via their in game app, The Circle, similar to a Facebook style platform. They befriend each other, flirt, converse, strategize, all through chat messages, and the only things that anyone knows about them comes from what they share on their profiles or through conversations.

Watching the way the contestants started to interpret their opponents’ photos, profiles, and words, making assumptions before actually knowing anything real about them, made me start to wonder how people perceive me based off of what I share. While it’s difficult to really look at myself objectively, I’d like to think that I try make sure my sense of self is translated through every platform I share on in a way that’s authentic and honest.. and fashionable when I can lol *insert outfit photos here*

Outfit details:
Jacket: Alloy Apparel
Bodysuit: Alloy Apparel
Jeans: Alloy Maxwell Jeans (discontinued)
Hat: Blackburn & Raymond
Watch: MVMT
Touque: Dollarama
Belt: Dollskill
Black Boots: old Aldo Shoes
White boots: Missguided

….there are so many thoughts I was going to dive into when I really started thinking about this show, but none of them are complete, and would also lead to a much much longer read that probably wouldn’t have any real conclusion. I thought of one paragraph about adding “authenticity” to my 2020 vision board.. another about the contestants on the show who are catfish and how I feel about that. That probably would have led to a quick “OMG Catfish is coming out with a new season” comment followed by a brief dive into my own experiences with fake people on the internet (click HERE for some of that tea!!)… and before you know it you don’t really know what this post was about in the first place.

So for now I’ll just leave with food for thought: What does your online presence say about you, and are you okay with that?

Until next time,


My 2020 Vision [board]

I feel like throughout the last few years, it’s almost as if I’ve been waiting for something to happen. Like I’d get a clear vision for a career path I’d want to take, or like I’d get some sort of “break” doing any one of the million things I’ve dipped my toes in, indicating where I should put more time and efforts. Only now, am I realizing how passively I’ve been spending my time.

Playing this weird waiting game with myself has definitely stunted my drive. I’ve been focusing on what hasn’t been happening, and stopped just DOING a lot of what I love, which is not something I plan to carry with me into 2020. New year. New decade. New chapter. I remember when I started this blog, all I wanted was to learn more about tall clothing options, and share what I knew and found, and spend time focusing on one of my loves, FASHION. I had no particular destination, I just wanted to DO something, with something I loved, and this, I’ve realized, is exactly the direction I need to move.

SO.. Where does that bring me? I won’t say I’ve got a completely clear (dare I say.. 20/20) vision on where I’m going, but I do know which direction I’m moving in. My goal is to create. Something. Anything. Because I love to and because I want to. I’ve always loved the idea of making a physical vision board as a way to visualize what I want to manifest in the coming months/years, but have never actually done it. I think I’ve also been afraid to put out big ideas out and then fall short and not reach goals I’ve set. FEAR AND SELF DOUBT HAVE NO PLACE HERE MOVING FORWARD, so I want to share what my 2020 vision board would look like (I don’t have any old magazines lying around, or enough ink in my printer.. so a literary vision board will have to do for now lol).

On my vision board:

  • A few new photos from my recent fashion shoots – I’ve already shot 3 new outfits to share (first one for this post) and would include a few shots from there as inspiration to continue styling, and continue creating and building the momentum that I had let die down.
  • Beaches/airplanes/luggage – I want to travel more. At least 4 destinations this year. And I want to be proactive and take advantage of creating content while I’m traveling and making opportunities out of everywhere I visit.
  • “DEBT FREE” in all capitals – In a few months, I will be finished paying off my school loans, and plan to shift my focus to eliminating my credit card balance by the end of the year.
  • A clock/watch – I want to learn how to prioritize and be wiser about how I’m budgeting my time so that I can be the most productive I can be (regularly using my new productivity journal from my boyfriend).
  • “VOLUNTEER” in all capitals – Not only do I want to be smarter about my time, but I also want to give my time to others. I think I’d like to look into volunteering at the children’s hospital so I need to sit down and find all the information I need.
  • A martini glass with a Mexican flag – my boyfriend and I have a dream to retire one day and open a little bar on a beach somewhere.. We need to create a more concrete plan so that this dream starts to feel more real.
  • Alloy, Missguided, ASOS, LongTallSally – brands that I love and would love to create more content for/with. I’d also love to explore other tall brands!!
  • YouTube logo – along with creating regular blog content, I have goals to keep a regular YouTube upload schedule as well. Fashion content, music covers, lifestyle vlogs, etc.
  • Barbells – finding my fitness routine again, and making moves towards a continuously healthier lifestyle.
  • [insert sports brand here] – this one is big, but with the barbell photo, I’d LOVE to find a sports apparel brand that not only aligns with my fitness goals, but also my fashion goals, and MAYBE work on some sort of partnership.
  • an engagement ring – *cough*ADAM*cough* lol……

I’m sure that as the year progresses, this list is going to change and grow and perhaps at some point I’ll be able to make a physical version so that, not only are the words now out in the universe, the visual reminder will constantly be looking back at me, reminding me to always move forward. But for now, this is where I’m starting, and while it looks like I’ve got a lot of work cut out for me, it’s the kind that I enjoy and I’m looking forward to creating and sharing more. Starting with these:

Outfit Details:

Tall Black Dalmatian Print Midi Smock Dress:
Gray Long Hooded Puffer Coat: (link is for standard size, tall seems to be out of stock)
Croc Hiker Boot: (link is for white boot, black seems to be out of stock)

Unboxing and try-on video:

If you’ve set any goals/resolutions or made a vision board for your 2020, I’d love to know what they are!!

Happy 2020 friends. I look forward to growing with you in a new decade ❀