It’s okay.

In a perfect world, I’d have a bottomless closet with outfit options ready to style every week, with content to post here and across all my socials on the regular.

To be honest, I’m actually sitting on a few outfits I’ve yet to share, but haven’t had the opportunity to style/shoot them yet. After kicking the year off with such well shot outfits and 3 consecutive weeks of content, I don’t want to settle for anything of lower quality, and somehow, self shot photos just don’t quite compare. Am I being too picky? That, and the fact that the weather is next to impossible to comfortably shoot in (today feels like -10 degrees celsius, so the thought of trying to shoot an outfit outside makes me shiver!), and my indoor space isn’t exactly ideal or spacious enough to be doing it inside.

Going into this week I was already a little down on myself for my lack of material, but where I would have previously let that spiral into a feeling of defeat and like I’ve failed when I started the year out so strong, I reminded myself that it’s okay. I want to share and create content because I LIKE to, and at no point should it become something that creates stress or feelings of self-doubt or failure.

My productivity journal has remained blank this week though I’ve made a few mental notes for what I want to accomplish, I haven’t been as diligent at writing things down. Probably partially because I hit a bit of a wall where I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to accomplish. There was a quote in my journal last week though, that kinda resonates with me this week and is keeping me feeling positive moving into next. “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” — Arthur Ashe. I feel like that’s exactly what I’m doing. And that is enough.

Until next week,



My Productivity Journal

This week I finally started using the productivity journal that my boyfriend gave me for Christmas. With so many goals for the year and so many different projects on the go, the whole idea of this journal is to prioritize tasks and get them done in an efficient manner. I’m only going into day 3, but just the act of writing out my to do list is already something I can see will be super beneficial. I’ve also added a large desk calendar so that I can visualize my schedule and projects in hopes it keeps me on top of everything as the year continues. I gave myself a head start by photographing a few outfits during the holidays (the last of which I’m sharing todayyy), so the real test is going to be how I manage my time moving forward because at the moment, I don’t have any outfits for next week.. to be honest, it feels a bit daunting. The success of my regular posts and the growth of my blog as a whole the way I imagine it will be directly correlated to how well this journal works for me soo…. will report back in a few weeks!

As for this week’s outfit, I’m actually pretty pleased that the weather still matches what I shot a few weeks ago. I RARELY wear skirts or dresses casually and am far less inclined to do so when I’m cold, but I love the look of skirts styled with tights for winter (I’m wearing an Ultra Stretch Opaque tight by Secret Legwear and the fit is PERFECT!).

Skirt: Missguided
Hoodie: Missguided
Coat: Missguided
Hat: Asos
Earrings: Asos
Boots: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Soufeel Jewelry (use code Stefanie15 to get 15% off your own necklace)

Unboxing and initial try-on video HERE

Leaving with a quote. Until next week!! xx

Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do. — Steve Jobs

What Does Your Profile Say About You?

My boyfriend and I started watching a new reality series, The Circle, on Netflix this week. It kinda has this Big Brother-esque feel to it, except the contestants don’t meet in person, they only meet and interact via their in game app, The Circle, similar to a Facebook style platform. They befriend each other, flirt, converse, strategize, all through chat messages, and the only things that anyone knows about them comes from what they share on their profiles or through conversations.

Watching the way the contestants started to interpret their opponents’ photos, profiles, and words, making assumptions before actually knowing anything real about them, made me start to wonder how people perceive me based off of what I share. While it’s difficult to really look at myself objectively, I’d like to think that I try make sure my sense of self is translated through every platform I share on in a way that’s authentic and honest.. and fashionable when I can lol *insert outfit photos here*

Outfit details:
Jacket: Alloy Apparel
Bodysuit: Alloy Apparel
Jeans: Alloy Maxwell Jeans (discontinued)
Hat: Blackburn & Raymond
Watch: MVMT
Touque: Dollarama
Belt: Dollskill
Black Boots: old Aldo Shoes
White boots: Missguided

….there are so many thoughts I was going to dive into when I really started thinking about this show, but none of them are complete, and would also lead to a much much longer read that probably wouldn’t have any real conclusion. I thought of one paragraph about adding “authenticity” to my 2020 vision board.. another about the contestants on the show who are catfish and how I feel about that. That probably would have led to a quick “OMG Catfish is coming out with a new season” comment followed by a brief dive into my own experiences with fake people on the internet (click HERE for some of that tea!!)… and before you know it you don’t really know what this post was about in the first place.

So for now I’ll just leave with food for thought: What does your online presence say about you, and are you okay with that?

Until next time,


My 2020 Vision [board]

I feel like throughout the last few years, it’s almost as if I’ve been waiting for something to happen. Like I’d get a clear vision for a career path I’d want to take, or like I’d get some sort of “break” doing any one of the million things I’ve dipped my toes in, indicating where I should put more time and efforts. Only now, am I realizing how passively I’ve been spending my time.

Playing this weird waiting game with myself has definitely stunted my drive. I’ve been focusing on what hasn’t been happening, and stopped just DOING a lot of what I love, which is not something I plan to carry with me into 2020. New year. New decade. New chapter. I remember when I started this blog, all I wanted was to learn more about tall clothing options, and share what I knew and found, and spend time focusing on one of my loves, FASHION. I had no particular destination, I just wanted to DO something, with something I loved, and this, I’ve realized, is exactly the direction I need to move.

SO.. Where does that bring me? I won’t say I’ve got a completely clear (dare I say.. 20/20) vision on where I’m going, but I do know which direction I’m moving in. My goal is to create. Something. Anything. Because I love to and because I want to. I’ve always loved the idea of making a physical vision board as a way to visualize what I want to manifest in the coming months/years, but have never actually done it. I think I’ve also been afraid to put out big ideas out and then fall short and not reach goals I’ve set. FEAR AND SELF DOUBT HAVE NO PLACE HERE MOVING FORWARD, so I want to share what my 2020 vision board would look like (I don’t have any old magazines lying around, or enough ink in my printer.. so a literary vision board will have to do for now lol).

On my vision board:

  • A few new photos from my recent fashion shoots – I’ve already shot 3 new outfits to share (first one for this post) and would include a few shots from there as inspiration to continue styling, and continue creating and building the momentum that I had let die down.
  • Beaches/airplanes/luggage – I want to travel more. At least 4 destinations this year. And I want to be proactive and take advantage of creating content while I’m traveling and making opportunities out of everywhere I visit.
  • “DEBT FREE” in all capitals – In a few months, I will be finished paying off my school loans, and plan to shift my focus to eliminating my credit card balance by the end of the year.
  • A clock/watch – I want to learn how to prioritize and be wiser about how I’m budgeting my time so that I can be the most productive I can be (regularly using my new productivity journal from my boyfriend).
  • “VOLUNTEER” in all capitals – Not only do I want to be smarter about my time, but I also want to give my time to others. I think I’d like to look into volunteering at the children’s hospital so I need to sit down and find all the information I need.
  • A martini glass with a Mexican flag – my boyfriend and I have a dream to retire one day and open a little bar on a beach somewhere.. We need to create a more concrete plan so that this dream starts to feel more real.
  • Alloy, Missguided, ASOS, LongTallSally – brands that I love and would love to create more content for/with. I’d also love to explore other tall brands!!
  • YouTube logo – along with creating regular blog content, I have goals to keep a regular YouTube upload schedule as well. Fashion content, music covers, lifestyle vlogs, etc.
  • Barbells – finding my fitness routine again, and making moves towards a continuously healthier lifestyle.
  • [insert sports brand here] – this one is big, but with the barbell photo, I’d LOVE to find a sports apparel brand that not only aligns with my fitness goals, but also my fashion goals, and MAYBE work on some sort of partnership.
  • an engagement ring – *cough*ADAM*cough* lol……

I’m sure that as the year progresses, this list is going to change and grow and perhaps at some point I’ll be able to make a physical version so that, not only are the words now out in the universe, the visual reminder will constantly be looking back at me, reminding me to always move forward. But for now, this is where I’m starting, and while it looks like I’ve got a lot of work cut out for me, it’s the kind that I enjoy and I’m looking forward to creating and sharing more. Starting with these:

Outfit Details:

Tall Black Dalmatian Print Midi Smock Dress:
Gray Long Hooded Puffer Coat: (link is for standard size, tall seems to be out of stock)
Croc Hiker Boot: (link is for white boot, black seems to be out of stock)

Unboxing and try-on video:

If you’ve set any goals/resolutions or made a vision board for your 2020, I’d love to know what they are!!

Happy 2020 friends. I look forward to growing with you in a new decade ❤

The Sumissura Experience!

I was recently contacted by Sumissura about trying out their service for a custom tailored outfit. If you’re unfamiliar with Sumissura, they’re a Swiss-based brand of tailor-made clothing for women whose goal is to give all women the opportunity to access the world and enjoy the comfort of tailor-made clothing at an affordable price.

I didn’t know how the whole process worked until I checked out their website, but had been following them already on instagram, so I knew they had some gorgeous styles to offer. I was given the option to choose a suit and a shirt, so I quickly got to work customizing my order.

Sumissura offers many pre-designed suits, tuxedos, jackets, dresses, etc., but their most exciting feature is to design your own. Once I saw the extensive selection of fabrics, I knew EXACTLY what I would hope to have made. My inspiration was drawn directly from Cate Blanchett’s character in Ocean’s 8. I fell in love with her entire wardrobe throughout the movie, most specifically, her green velvet pant suit.

Cate Blanchett – Ocean’s 8

The customization process includes everything from fabric to lapel size, and pocket styles to the fit of the pants. I think I successfully recreated the suit I was envisioning, within Sumissura’s offerings. I then used their super easy to follow instructional video to import all of my measurements so that not only was my suit made to my style preferences, but also specifically for MY body (every tall girl’s dreams).

My package arrived safe and sound, exactly two weeks after I placed my order, but I waited until the following Saturday (5 days later) to try it on so I could film the experience (watch my entire Sumissura process HERE). They DO have a perfect fit guarantee, so if things aren’t fitting properly they’ll remake it or pay for alterations as long as you contact support within 7 days of receiving the order.

Long story short, I’M IN LOVE WITH MY SUIT!!! Everything fits like a glove. The quality is unreal. It looks ON POINT! When I’m wearing it, I feel like a boss bitch ready take whatever life wants to throw my way (actually though… don’t mess with me while I’m wearing it!).

I think it’s important to note that because I’m used to a stretch pant that moves with me, the tailor fit pant without stretch is a bit of an adjustment. The length of the pant is JUST at the ankle when I’m standing because I didn’t want them to bunch at the bottom, so if I sit it rides up the leg (the way a men’s pant would). The fit around my waist and ankle is also a touch snug, BUT because I gave them my measurements I probably could have added an extra 1/4 inch to allow for a bit of movement. Not being an experienced seamstress, I didn’t really think that one through. I just have to make sure my booty/thigh gains aren’t too significant in the next month or so, because I plan on wearing this one to my friend’s wedding!

The ONLY other thing worth raising a potential flag to, is the length from waist to crotch. I don’t think there was an option to add a measurement for this area, and for us tall girls, this could raise a concern. Adding extra length to a pant for a tall girl often means adding length everywhere and not just in the leg. My pair of pants turned out pretty perfectly, but for anyone who has a long hip/waist, you MAY find it a little snug.

As for the blouse, I am in love with it. The fit is perfect. The material is SO ridiculously soft and I don’t think I’ve ever had a blouse that fits so nicely. I often find if I want it to fit my boobs, there’s no shape in the waist, and then if i want it to fit my waist, I’ll risk popping a button. I don’t have any of those concerns with this one and it looks so sharp!

Sumissura 1
Sumissura custom jacket lining.

For a custom tailored outfit, what Sumissura offers their customers is amazing! I’ve never ordered anything custom tailored before, and this experience was so easy, efficient and successful that I’ll definitely be making another order! I’ve already been raving about it to my girlfriends lol.. Every woman needs a good power suit. Even if I had any issues with my order, I know that because the process was so smooth, getting it fixed or altered would be just as hassle-free.

I want to give a  HUGE thank you to Eugenie at Sumissura for setting me up with this experience. Don’t be surprised if you find me in a suit at every occasion for the rest of forever. ❤

If you’re interested in checking out Sumissura for yourself (and I really think you should because the customization options are almost endless!!!), use my referral link for $25 off your first purchase (applicable to new users only), which will give me $25 off my next purchase — this referral program is open to everyone so you can invite your friends and get that referral bonus too!
If you already have an account but have never ordered, use my code: blgmermaid for 10% off your first purchase!! I don’t get paid if you use this code but this way they’ll know I sent you 🙂

Hello 2019 – feat. Rhonda Lynette

My holiday season was extremely refreshing. I kicked off December by committing to Vlogmas on my YouTube channel (watch HERE), ended up going on a last minute trip to Miami for a week, and then spent two days with Adam’s family (Christmas Day and Boxing Day), and a few days later, two days with my own family.

The time with family and the time with Adam was everything I needed to close out 2018 and begin a new year feeling recharged. I’m not one to sit down and make resolutions, but we’re just over a week into the new year now, and I feel like I have an energy to actually DO something, that I haven’t really felt in awhile.

I don’t know where along the line I lost inspiration, but last year was a pretty uninspiring one overall. Perhaps it was the impending Dirty 30’s, or just an overall lack of direction, but I just didn’t know where I was going, or what I wanted to do. Now, I haven’t had some grand epiphany with an exact idea of what to do, and to be honest I’m still not sure I have much direction either, but the desire to get back to shooting feels exciting. I have outfits I need to shoot (which you’ll be seeing here soon), and people I want to shoot with, and generally, things I want to DO!

I think part of the fire under my feet was stoked when I received a few new items from Rhonda Lynette! I included my first reactions in my Vlog that day and then made use of my sister and her new camera lens to shoot some photos when I went home for Christmas.

The passion, love and care that goes into each garment (which are, by the way, hand sewn by Rhonda herself!!!), reminded me of the passion, love and care I have when it comes to sharing tall fashion with other tall babes… which brings me to my first non-resolution. Time to create more. Time to shoot more. Time to play more music. Anything that helps me express myself. Time to do more of that.

Another one of my non-resolutions is actually something that I did a little bit of last year. I want to travel more. Last year I had a weekend in New York, a hair show in Vegas followed by a few days in LA, and I closed the year with that week in Miami. Getting out of the city, and getting a taste of another, helps me reset and overall just reminds me how much living there is to do outside of the bubble we live in here in Toronto. I don’t have any huge trips planned yet, but I definitely would love a little summer getaway, a birthday getaway in October, and perhaps a New Years getaway to celebrate another anniversary with my boyfriend (we just celebrated 5 years)… as a starting point..

The last non-resolution I have is more of a loose goal. Looking at where I am going into 2019, I want to be in a much more financially secure position, or at least have a more solid plan of how to get there when it comes time to ring in 2020. I’m definitely at an age that has me thinking of a family and what that would look like, so by the end of the year I’d like to confidently say that I’d be ready or at least have some sort of plan for how I would make that adventure work when the time comes.

My next task for myself (aside from creating another YouTube video for next week), is to create a little mood/vision board. I want to be able to visualize these things every day so that I don’t lose track of where I’m headed, while also reminding myself to stay open and welcome to the possibility that things could twist and turn and change along the way. As long as I’ve got my head up, the only direction I plan on moving this year is forward. Progression and growth is the only option for me.



Girl Power Is Sexy

I attended the 6th annual TSOQ Panty Party last night. What originally started as a birthday party for Angela and Valentina, the owners of one of Toronto’s most fashionable boutiques, and my personal fashion parents, has turned into the best party of the year. The catch? You have to wear lingerie, and (sorry boys) it’s a girls only event.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

For some, the dress code might sound intimidating, but the beauty of this entire event, is that it is the most female empowering party I have ever been to, and everywhere you turn and look, women are celebrating themselves and each other, in outfits that make them feel sexy and strong, not for the validation of others, but for themselves. It’s easy to become comfortable in whatever attire you’ve chosen for your outfit when there are only positive vibes and love being spread amongst guests, and everyone is there as an equal. Even though it was my 4th time attending, I still fell in love with the atmosphere all over again, feeling inspired by the overwhelmingly magnetic female energy that was buzzing through the venue until last call.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


This year, I was once again the tallest in the room, sporting a solid 5″ heel with my outfit. I’m used to this being the case, but I often refrain from wearing heels on the regular (even though I LOVE them), because I just get exhausted responding to the comments about my height. Especially the age-old remarks from strange men like “ohh I could climb you like a tree!” But wearing heels in a group of supportive and positive women is a completely different story. Not once during the night did the comments about my height exhaust me or make me uncomfortable. Instead of hearing “wow you’re tall” in a derogatory manner, comments were more along the lines of “you’re a beautiful amazon,” oozing with warmth and admiration. Instead of feeling like a weirdo for being a giant, I felt like a goddess amongst fellow goddesses. I think that’s what this event does. It makes every woman feel like the goddess she is, and THAT is a powerful feeling.

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

One of my friends, Laura, shared a quote on her insta story directly after the party and I loooved the message. (original post by @onourmoon HERE)

Sexy used to be directly related to sex for me. If you were sexy, you had sex appeal, and men would want to have sex with you. That used to be my end goal when I was young — to be sexy enough so that guys would “want” me. That’s what society taught me to believe. Now, sexy to me means doing the things that make me want to be me. Sexy has nothing to do with sex, and everything to do with vulnerability, inner strength and living your values.

Thank you TSOQ for providing a beautiful and safe space where it’s okay for women to embrace their own versions of sexy. And for building a community that supports each other for doing so.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Me and my stunning date for the evening, Twiggy

Also. HUGE shoutout to my personal trainer, Dayne. My fitness journey has been MUCH stronger since he’s stepped in and I think it shows 🙂


The Store On Queen —

Outfit details:
Lingerie — Kimmy Bra & Thong set from Honey Birdette
Shrug jacket — Corporate Shrug by Artifice Clothing
Hat — Black Gypsy
Personalized Necklace — Soufeel Jewelry (use code Stefanie15 when shopping for a 15% discount)
Rhinestone Neckleace — Chic Wishlist 
Boots — Pleaser (ordered off of Amazon)

One of a Kind Gifts

One of my favourite places to go at the beginning of the holiday season for the last handful of years, has been the One Of A Kind Show. I love browsing the endless aisles of local vendors while kicking off a little bit of my Christmas shopping. I don’t often buy a lot, but I follow about a bajillion new accounts on instagram so I can find them later, and always seem to walk away with at least ONE person crossed off my shopping list.

This year I made a point of taking photos of some of the vendors that stood out to me, and could make great gifts for a few from your own Christmas lists. Also making sure this is up while the show is still on, so that if you see something you like, you’ve got until December 2 to get yourself down there to do a bit of shopping yourself!



Almost immediately, I passed by this vendor. As a music lover I LOVE the idea of gifting with music. These beautiful handcrafted pieces could be gifted to someone of any age. It could replace that awful noisy 4 note xylophone your child has been banging on, or given to an already avid musician. Complete with pickups to plug into an amp!



Growing up, I can always remember having puzzles around. These wooden carved puzzles would not only be great to do with little ones, but also are beautiful pieces to display once completed! (There was a unicorn one that I LOVED, but I couldn’t get a proper photo of it with all the people)

Boîtes de la


To be completely honest, I didn’t even look at prices when I took these photos. So I apologize now. BUT, if my bank account weren’t an issue (because we’re looking at about $500CAD here), these beautiful upcycled vintage US Army ammunition boxes would be a beautiful gift! These wine racks and mini bars make for a gorgeous and functional display.


I am in LOVE with these lightboxes. Trying to describe them doesn’t even do them justice. They were so interesting to look at up close. The reels of film turned into a beautiful display.. very. VERY cool. Even my boyfriend was intrigued by this vendor. This would make a cool gift for any art/film lover. Guaranteed!

BookWork by Noelle


This is for your literature lovers. I’ve seen this vendor before and love the concept of these art pieces. Pay attention to some of the themes in each individual collection, you might be able to find one that is perfect for that special bookworm on your list!!

Bear Feathersfacebook page


I realized I took photos of 3 different faux taxidermy style vendors who made these beautiful animal busts (see also, and I also realize that most of my gift ideas from the show this year are art pieces, but it seems to be what I’m drawn to. I can assure you though, there are many many more options!! I just love how unique these pieces each were.



This was a very smart move by Husk&Brown. In a city where so many people get around by bicycle, and also where storage in so many of our homes is extremely limited, this simple yet extremely practical bike mount could be the perfect gift for the cyclist on your list! They also make a few other beautifully handcrafted wooden pieces, including a gorgeous Crib Board!



There were endless ceramic options at the OOAK show, but I adored the personality in each of these pieces. A perfect idea for the quirky plant lover.


I was very clearly drawn this year to so many of the wooden vendors. I love the rustic, homemade feel these pieces have and think a classic wooden board game is a great addition to any game closet. This wins over a new video game any day!


12rvSGUUTouQETo25I%L8A Last but not least, the trending gift for Christmas 2018…. THE PEPPER GRINDER!!

….actually though, is this a popular gift item? I had to finally take a photo of a selection of them because I found it almost comical how many pepper grinders I saw at the show. Is this something that people regularly gift? I must be missing something.. Or I clearly have not stepped up my own pepper grinder game to be able to appreciate the selection at the show. Nevertheless, there is definitely a pepper grinder to suit any personality at this year’s OOAK event…


And that’s it! I took so many photos and loved so many more things but these items stood out to me. The One Of A Kind Show runs for the rest of the week/weekend, until December 2nd, so if you’re local, and you like to shop local, make sure you get in before it’s too late! Don’t worry though, if you miss this one, you can catch it again in the Spring and get a head start on next year 😉



dirty dirty 30

I’ve been 30 years old for a little over a week now. Nobody really talks about the emotional turmoil that comes with this new coming of age… or maybe they do and I’ve just never paid attention because for the past 5 years I’ve been 25 forever. Maybe I’m in denial, but the reality of 30 has been settling in for the past few weeks and I’m still not sure what to do with it. Perhaps that’s why I’m back here, revisiting this space that I’ve neglected for far too long (that’s another post in and of itself). So hello again fellow tall (and not so tall) friends.

Part of me expected 30 to be big. I probably set myself up when I went away last year.. 29 on October 29th in Mexico was the perfect way to celebrate my champagne birthday (I vlogged my trip: HERE). In theory, this year should have been bigger and better, no? But I think subconsciously, even though part of me felt like being over the top and extravagant for my 30th, I also didn’t want to make a big deal out of this milestone.

When I was younger, my vision of myself and my life at this age was much different than what it ACTUALLY looks like. This is a hard one to swallow. I figured that of COURSE by 30 I’ll have a solid career, a small family, a regular schedule…… of course…
So why would I want to celebrate when so many of those big “life” things are still works in progress?

….the reality of being 30 and having no direction for a solid career is what eats me up the most. Saying that out loud.. putting that on the internet.. is maybe even scarier. Whenever someone asks “So what do you do?” I have a rolodex of answers I cycle through before I decide which one is appropriate for that individual, because I figure the 30 year old waitress who sometimes models, sometimes livestreams, sometimes blogs, occasionally cosplays, sings behind closed doors, sometimes “influences” and generally just exists in a positive manner, isn’t something everyone can really get on board with. It’s also not something that is sustainable long term.

But that’s who I am at the moment. That’s what I do. AND, to top it off, I’m 30 now. *gulp*

Sighhh. Even my face seems to be reminding me that time is never on our side but I’ve decided to fight back and jump on the Botox bandwagon. I never thought I’d be the type to start putting needles into my face, but then again, I hadn’t turned 30 yet. Now I get it and I’m a complete advocate (within reason of course). Slowly reversing the 11’s that have been making their home between my eyebrows is the most magical decision I’ve ever made. I also just got my lips plumped for the 2nd time (the first time was back in March).. age has been taking it’s toll on my upper lip and I’m not about to let those lip wrinkles get too comfortable.

While most of my mood at the moment seems to be all doom and gloom, I’ve also never been happier than I currently am. Despite the fact that I’m aging. Despite the fact that I have many jobs but no career. Despite my lack of financial security. Despite the fact that my maternal clock is ticking. Despite ALL of those societal pressures that get pushed upon us every day..

I’m coming up on 5 years with the love of my life. We have an adorable home and two perfect fur babies together. I’m supported by him more than I’ve ever even dreamed in a partner, and get excited when I think about all the adventures we’ve yet to go on.
I’m surrounded by so many inspiring and loving people in my life and have been presented with so many cool opportunities because of it. I have the freedom to go and do as I please with an extremely flexible job that also gives me the freedom to put my time into other things and projects that come my way. Also, I was a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to my personal style, but as you’ve probably seen over the last few years, I think I’ve finally come into my own. The more I look at it, I feel like I’ve got all the ingredients in my life to make it into something I’ve always wanted, I was just looking at the wrong recipe..

Maybe 30 won’t be so bad.