I ‚ô° Toronto

I find one of the most common questions I get working downtown (aside from anything height related), is if I’m from here. My response, I grew up a few hours outside the city, but I’ve been living in Toronto off and on now for 7 years, and yes, I absolutely love it.

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I find it hard to imagine living anywhere else. This city always has something going on. Anything you need is generally accessible within a few blocks at any given time, and though it seems absolutely massive, Toronto is actually so small. I used to feel like just another number in the crowd, but nowadays, I can rarely go for a walk downtown without seeing someone I know. Probably part of the reason I love putting together dope outfits.. If I’m going to be seen by ANYone I know, I better look and feel amazing!

Another huge thank you to Long Tall Sally for giving me a taste of their new CURATD capsule. I’m always confident I’ll be on trend and looking well put together with the pieces they’ve been putting out. Perfect styles to be seen in ūüėČ
My ONLY downside this time around is the fit of these gorgeous pants. I don’t know if it’s the extra leg exercises I’ve been doing lately or what, but my thighs seemed a bit too thick for the silhouette of the pant, and the waist a bit loose in comparison. They wore well while I was standing, but any extra movement (including sitting) wasn’t the most comfortable.


Top: Tie neck detailed blouse, CURATD x Long Tall Sally
Pants: PU Zip detail trouser, CURATD x Long Tall Sally
Hat:¬†faux leather beret, Missguided (yes they also have a tall department, and often have sales running to make their already affordable items, even more affordable. I recently made a purchase during their “50% off orders $200+” sale. Click HERE to get $20 off your next purchase)
Shoes: Freda Salvadore


Photos by Austin Marshall


NRT Fashions

Spring has sprung! Even though I see potential snow in the forecast over the next few days, I refuse to acknowledge or accept it and I’m in full jacket mode. Goodbye¬†winter coats!


If you read last week, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of local talent when it comes to shopping for my wardrobe, especially when I find someone who will make something long enough.

I came across NRT Fashions¬†for the first time on Instagram a few years ago and have been a fan ever since. I also happened to meet the designer, Nicole Rita Tomney, very briefly at the Calgary Tattoo convention just over a year ago, but didn’t buy anything at the time. A few months ago, I finally decided to splurge and buy myself a belated Christmas present after I wrote and asked if she could extend the sleeve length. I had been eyeing the Vengenance Coat for a long time so that was the piece I decided to add to my closet! Though the coat turned out to be much thinner than I originally thought, it’ll be perfect for spring weather. AND THE SLEEVES!! Nicole made sure there was extra length on my sleeves and it fits perfectly!!

Jacket: NRT Vengence Coat
Pants: TopShop TALL MOTTO Joni Jeans
36″ inseam
I wear a 28.
Shoes: Freda Salvador
(I got them for 50% off at a Hudson’s Bay Company sale)


Photos by Justin Robinson