The Sumissura Experience!

I was recently contacted by Sumissura about trying out their service for a custom tailored outfit. If you’re unfamiliar with Sumissura, they’re a Swiss-based brand of tailor-made clothing for women whose goal is to give all women the opportunity to access the world and enjoy the comfort of tailor-made clothing at an affordable price.

I didn’t know how the whole process worked until I checked out their website, but had been following them already on instagram, so I knew they had some gorgeous styles to offer. I was given the option to choose a suit and a shirt, so I quickly got to work customizing my order.

Sumissura offers many pre-designed suits, tuxedos, jackets, dresses, etc., but their most exciting feature is to design your own. Once I saw the extensive selection of fabrics, I knew EXACTLY what I would hope to have made. My inspiration was drawn directly from Cate Blanchett’s character in Ocean’s 8. I fell in love with her entire wardrobe throughout the movie, most specifically, her green velvet pant suit.

The customization process includes everything from fabric to lapel size, and pocket styles to the fit of the pants. I think I successfully recreated the suit I was envisioning, within Sumissura’s offerings. I then used their super easy to follow instructional video to import all of my measurements so that not only was my suit made to my style preferences, but also specifically for MY body (every tall girl’s dreams).

My package arrived safe and sound, exactly two weeks after I placed my order, but I waited until the following Saturday (5 days later) to try it on so I could film the experience (watch my entire Sumissura process HERE). They DO have a perfect fit guarantee, so if things aren’t fitting properly they’ll remake it or pay for alterations as long as you contact support within 7 days of receiving the order.

Long story short, I’M IN LOVE WITH MY SUIT!!! Everything fits like a glove. The quality is unreal. It looks ON POINT! When I’m wearing it, I feel like a boss bitch ready take whatever life wants to throw my way (actually though… don’t mess with me while I’m wearing it!).


I think it’s important to note that because I’m used to a stretch pant that moves with me, the tailor fit pant without stretch is a bit of an adjustment. The length of the pant is JUST at the ankle when I’m standing because I didn’t want them to bunch at the bottom, so if I sit it rides up the leg (the way a men’s pant would). The fit around my waist and ankle is also a touch snug, BUT because I gave them my measurements I probably could have added an extra 1/4 inch to allow for a bit of movement. Not being an experienced seamstress, I didn’t really think that one through. I just have to make sure my booty/thigh gains aren’t too significant in the next month or so, because I plan on wearing this one to my friend’s wedding!


The ONLY other thing worth raising a potential flag to, is the length from waist to crotch. I don’t think there was an option to add a measurement for this area, and for us tall girls, this could raise a concern. Adding extra length to a pant for a tall girl often means adding length everywhere and not just in the leg. My pair of pants turned out pretty perfectly, but for anyone who has a long hip/waist, you MAY find it a little snug.

As for the blouse, I am in love with it. The fit is perfect. The material is SO ridiculously soft and I don’t think I’ve ever had a blouse that fits so nicely. I often find if I want it to fit my boobs, there’s no shape in the waist, and then if i want it to fit my waist, I’ll risk popping a button. I don’t have any of those concerns with this one and it looks so sharp!

Sumissura 1

Sumissura custom jacket lining.

For a custom tailored outfit, what Sumissura offers their customers is amazing! I’ve never ordered anything custom tailored before, and this experience was so easy, efficient and successful that I’ll definitely be making another order! I’ve already been raving about it to my girlfriends lol.. Every woman needs a good power suit. Even if I had any issues with my order, I know that because the process was so smooth, getting it fixed or altered would be just as hassle-free.


I want to give a  HUGE thank you to Eugenie at Sumissura for setting me up with this experience. Don’t be surprised if you find me in a suit at every occasion for the rest of forever. ❤

(If you’re interested in trying out the Sumissura experience for yourself, I don’t have an official referral code [YET! haha], but shoot me an email Through their referral program, I can email you $25 off!)

Hibernation Season

The title says it all. As soon as the cold weather hits, I turn into a hermit that only leaves the house if I absolutely have to…. sooooo basically only when I have to go to work. My social life suffers, my creativity seems to have frozen with the icicles outside my window, and my mood matches the grey wintery skies. Apparently I’ve been hibernating most of 2017…

I’m not sure where the shift happened, or if it was just the fresh start of a new year, but we’re halfway through January and I feel my hibernation lifting. I’m getting excited to create again, I’m slowly falling back into somewhat of a routine, and I’m feeling like myself again. Maybe it’s my new pink hair. Maybe it’s the new boots I got for 40% off… Or maybe it’s the new jacket I scored for only $15. Regardless. I’m loving it. Lay it on me 2018.


***Disclaimer: I bought the red jacket before dying my hair pink.

Jacket: Forever 21, $15 (I LOVE sale racks!!! Especially when the sleeves fit!!)
Boots: Call It Spring (they’re currently offering 30% off reg. price with code 30STYLE)
Scarf: Topshop
Tshirt: Hip and Bone
Gloves: Free People (past season)
Pants: Kingpins Royale denim jeans x One Teaspoon, (a few sizes left at The Store On Queen’s Blowout Sale — I wear mine a size larger than my normal)
Hair: Manic Panic



Photos done by Jesse Lozier

The Power Suit

Once upon a time, I went to university for business and as I neared graduation, I pictured myself finding a job in a big city, probably in the financial district at some entry level job, until I worked my way up to a position with an impressive title. Years later, I felt like a little bit of a fraud while shooting this look downtown in the financial district. I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up, and the only reason I wear suits like this is because I love wearing things that make me feel badass, and there’s something about a well fitted pant suit on a woman that is particularly badass.


I’ve been wanting a pant suit for quite awhile but without getting one specifically tailored to my size, I had been yet to come across anything that would fit my height, length, and shape. Without even having to ask, Adelle, a designer from Trinidad, seemed to read my mind and answer my suit prayers! This suit by Dellez Fashion is absolutely stunning. The gentle detailing of the satin lapel is just enough to elevate the jacket from just a simple navy suit, and both pieces fit me like a dream!


I love this suit so much, the next on my list is going to be a floral pant suit. I fell in love with them at fashion week two seasons ago, and now I’m as determined as ever to find one in my size!



Suit: Dellez Fashion
Blouse: Urban Outfitters
Coat: CURATD x Long Tall Sally
Tiemy boyfriend’s closet
Watch: Fossil
Glasses: Forever21
Shoes: Qupid, from Marshall’s



Photos by Austin Marshall


I ♡ Toronto

I find one of the most common questions I get working downtown (aside from anything height related), is if I’m from here. My response, I grew up a few hours outside the city, but I’ve been living in Toronto off and on now for 7 years, and yes, I absolutely love it.

Brighter2 (4 of 8)

I find it hard to imagine living anywhere else. This city always has something going on. Anything you need is generally accessible within a few blocks at any given time, and though it seems absolutely massive, Toronto is actually so small. I used to feel like just another number in the crowd, but nowadays, I can rarely go for a walk downtown without seeing someone I know. Probably part of the reason I love putting together dope outfits.. If I’m going to be seen by ANYone I know, I better look and feel amazing!

Another huge thank you to Long Tall Sally for giving me a taste of their new CURATD capsule. I’m always confident I’ll be on trend and looking well put together with the pieces they’ve been putting out. Perfect styles to be seen in 😉
My ONLY downside this time around is the fit of these gorgeous pants. I don’t know if it’s the extra leg exercises I’ve been doing lately or what, but my thighs seemed a bit too thick for the silhouette of the pant, and the waist a bit loose in comparison. They wore well while I was standing, but any extra movement (including sitting) wasn’t the most comfortable.


Top: Tie neck detailed blouse, CURATD x Long Tall Sally
Pants: PU Zip detail trouser, CURATD x Long Tall Sally
Hat: faux leather beret, Missguided (yes they also have a tall department, and often have sales running to make their already affordable items, even more affordable. I recently made a purchase during their “50% off orders $200+” sale. Click HERE to get $20 off your next purchase)
Shoes: Freda Salvadore


Photos by Austin Marshall


Can it be Summer forever?

As the temperatures begin to drop here in Toronto (rather early it seems as we’re only just finishing August), I can’t help but think how lovely it would be to extend my summer somewhere warmer. Fantasizing about tropical vacations has me mentally preparing a packing list, so I’ve put together just a few of my must-haves for a (late) summer getaway. While I ALWAYS over pack, there are only a few things I can’t leave without.

If I’m about to go spend time in the sun, the first thing that’s going in my bag is my Maui Babe Browning Lotion. It’s basically an accelerating tanning lotion that smells and works like a dream. I could rave on and on about it, but the website does that enough. I’m not usually super tanned, but any sort of tan I have is all thanks to this stuff. Of course after my skin is sunkissed, I need to moisturize, so the second thing in my bag is my atma Crystal Infused Whipped Moon Butter. There are SO many cool qualities to this body butter (definitely check it out), but the best part is how rich it makes your skin look. The deep moisturizing qualities give my skin a glow that I haven’t been able to find with any other moisturizer, especially on a bit of a tan! I LIVE by this moon butter.


Another nifty travel item is my new carryall from local shop This & That Design Co. While they make pouches/bags of multiple different sizes, their smallest carry-all is perfect for ID, passport, and money/cards. Why bring your entire wallet when chances are you probably won’t need that Sephora points card on the beach anyways? 😉


Last but not least: vacation wardrobe. First up, is swimwear. My current favourite is by a one-piece by local designer for label Hvmility, seen HERE (swimwear is unavailable online but I’m sure you could inquire with an email)! And as much as I like to think I’m packing an outfit a day, it probably usually ends up being more like two per day. That being said, ONE PIECES ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND! Whether it be dresses, rompers, or jumpsuits, these items are already a full outfit without the stress of matching tops/bottoms. Throw in a great jacket, and a nude sandal, and you’re ready to take that outfit from day to night in no time!



There you have it. It might look like I keep things simple, but this overpacker usually has wayyyy more on her packing list. But as long as I get that sunkissed glow and I’ve got outfits that make a statement, everything else is just details. ….now to figure out where I want to go 😉

All clothing from Long Tall Sally: Romper (I’m in a size 6), Jumpsuit (I’m in a size 6), Jacket (I’m in a size 6), Heels (I’m in a US9)
Sunglasses: Hashtag #Sunglasses (use code NewShades4You to get FREE express shipping and 10% off your order)
Necklace: Durumi
Bag: Winners



Photos by Naomi Peters



Toronto Women’s Fashion Week

In most of the world’s biggest and most fashion forward cities, fashion week comes around twice a year. That was the case here in Toronto as well, up until last summer when organizers announced it’s cancellation due to lack of local support. You can imagine my excitement when I found out that the founders of Toronto Men’s Fashion week were going to introduce a separate Women’s Fashion Week as well!


Photo by Chris Cheung

Having walked runway many times before, including a few seasons for Zoran Dobric years ago for Toronto Fashion week, I’m no stranger to the event or the atmosphere, but attending on the media side of things was a completely different experience. Despite the dropping temperatures, I managed to make it to 5 shows between Saturday and Sunday for the first ever TW FW, and enjoyed every single one of them! Over the course of those two days I learned that I really want a kickass pant suit, the bigger the fringe, the better, and that I also need a great statement hat this season.

There wasn’t one show I attended that I didn’t enjoy. Evan Bidell, Roch, Stephan Caras, Hendrixroe and Mikael D. They were all incredible, though I did definitely have some favourites.

I knew I’d love Evan Biddell as I’d seen some of his work shown previously when I walked for FAT. He took on a challenge from Value Village, and repurposed 81lbs of second hand garments into a show that had cool vintage, rock and roll vibes.

The standout show to me was Hendrixroe. After seeing some of the photos from her men’s show earlier in the week I was excited and knew I’d enjoy it, but it ended up surpassing my expectations. I couldn’t get enough of the fringed moto jackets, and definitely want to get my hands on one of my own! Specifically one with the “Property of No One” patches on the back. The rock and roll vibes tend to win me over and this show did the same. This is the kind of line I’d wear. Every single item. And Hendrixroe is definitely a new favourite of mine.

I’ve included a few other favourite looks of mine from the two nights I attended. I’m beyond excited for next season! Now that I’ve broken the ice on this side of the spectrum, I’m ready and waiting for more.


Stephan Caras: 

Mikael D:



All runway photos by Shane Gray


Mix and Match

You never realize how much stuff you have until you move. This month has been the absolute craziest, spending time packing and moving our old apartment to our new one. Just when we think we’ve got everything pretty much tied up, there’s another van load to be moved. The way everything worked out, we ended up having over a month overlapping which gave us time to move everything over the course of a few weeks, but paying for two apartments for almost a full month also tightens up the budget a bit. This is why I decided to share some of my favourite pieces that I bought ON SALE!

The best part of this entire outfit, is the fact that the mixing of patterns and textures doesn’t necessarily make sense together, so much so that it just works. Even though I love the idea of mixing and matching, my day to day mood/vibe is not generally this bold. But every once in awhile, that’s exactly the style I’m  looking for.


Shirt: TTYAxLTS Origami Flower Over Shirt, Long Tall Sally
Originally $99, still available and on sale for $39!!
I’m wearing a size 6.
Shorts: TTYAxLTS Origami Flower Shorts, Long Tall Sally
Originally $79, still available and on sale for $35!!
I’m wearing a size 6.
Jacket: The Store On Queen
Though this awesome faux fur jacket is no longer available, the store often gets great and unique pieces, and when they go on sale, they reallyyy go on sale! When I bought this one, if I remember correctly, it was 60% off the sale price ❤
Bag: Holographic Weekender by Current Mood, Dollskill.
$45, but I scooped it up during their Cyber Monday sale for 30% off! (though they often have some sort of sale/promo going on)
Choker: Notice Me Senpai leather choker with brass stud closure, Oak & Honey x Pink City
Newly released item, $24. Not currently on sale.
Shoes: Aldo

Are there any brands that generally host great sales? I feel like I’ll be catching up after this move for awhile, so I may have to stick to fashion on a budget and I need all the tips I can get. Where do you find your favourite deals??



Photos by Naomi Peters

Oh hey 2017!

I don’t know about anyone else, but once winter hits here in Canada, I feel like I enter complete hibernation mode. Planning anything other than my regular work schedule, holiday dinners, and a few gym visits throughout the week starts to feel like a daunting task. So as the temperatures began to dip, so has my creativity and overall motivation.

It also doesn’t help that I turn into a bit of a winter grinch. I am NOT a fan of the cold, however pretty the first snowfall is, and seeing as how I generally need to use the outdoors to shoot looks for the blog, I tend to avoid planning shoots in cold weather, and it’s left me pretty dry on material for the last month or so. I’M SORRY!! lol.. no but really, week after week I’ve been feeling pretty lame about letting another week go by with no new content.

That being said, I HAVE been doing some shopping here and there and have a few things lined up to share. First of which is my Black Friday purchase from Missguided! I knowww this was ages ago, so some of the deals are irrelevant, but the style is not.  For those of you who don’t know, Missguided has a tall deparment! I only found this out a few months ago and decided to take advantage of the sale for my first purchase. I only checked out with 3 items because, being a new tall retailer to me, I wanted to make sure it would fit!

My favourite item in this mini haul is what I styled this for this week’s post. These high waisted extreme wide leg pants are everything. The length is perfect for any tall girl who might want to rock them paired with a heel, but the drawstring waist also gives the option to secure higher on the waist when wearing a flat. The ribbing and the material give the pant a beautiful finish and they feel just as comfortable as they look. A solid win in my books, and closet!


The second item I chose was actually for a Christmas gift for my sister. Standing at 6′ tall I know she generally struggles with sleeve and pant lengths, so I opted for a super rad crushed velvet bomber jacket. The arms fit her beautifully!


photo from

The third item I chose, was a pair of pink crushed velvet loafers. They are absolutely adorable, and though I ordered a size 9, received a size 6 (when the packing slip said size 7). I’ve yet to exchange them but have my fingers crossed that the process will be easy and painless! (Though they carry tall clothing, their shoe selection only goes up to a size 10)


photo from

Has anyone else shopped from the Missguided Tall Clothing department? What has your experience been and how did your purchases turn out? Overall, I’m definitely interested in shopping there again!


Pants: Missguided (no longer available but there’s another badass wide length pant here — now 50% off))
Shirt: Zara
Choker: ‘Notice Me Senpai’ choker coming soon to Pink City

Bomber: Missguided (now 60% off!!)
Shoes: Missguided (now 50% off!!)



Photos by Justin Robinson

All Black Everything, almost..

I find the trickiest part of this time of year is trying to figure out how/where to take photos without freezing in the below desirable temperatures. So far this winter though, Mother Nature seems to be on my side (either that, or global warming is becoming more prominent this season *nervous laugh*).

When I finished styling this week’s outfit, I looked in the mirror and instantly felt like some sort of lost Spice Girl. Perhaps it was the high ponytail, or the thick choker, or maybe the shade of glasses. Either way, 90s fashion brings me back to my childhood, and I love a refined throwback outfit.

I’ve still  got nothing but great things to say about Tall Girls‘ pieces. Both the tights and this jacket are tailored so beautifully and are great pieces to style with any outfit. Though I styled the jacket on it’s own, it would lend itself beautifully to a crisp blouse underneathe, for a more conservative look, and would also be a great addition to any business casual/formal wardrobe. Don’t let my photos scare you away! This jacket is beautiful for ANY age.


Tall Girls
Leggings: Tall Girls
Bralette: Victoria’s Secret (past season)
Shoes: Aldo (past season)
Glasses: The Store On Queen (sold out)
Choker: DIY.. a simple piece of ribbon 🙂



Photos by Naomi Peters

Model Bag

About a month ago, I came across one of Model Atelier‘s newest products, the Model Bag, and instantly wanted one. I was a bit sad I hadn’t come across something like this a decade ago when I was a new model trying to find my way through the industry, but realized it’s equally as valuable to me now as it would have been then!

new_bag_4Every runway model needs 6 key pieces at all times! Our team of runway models created the Model Bag that includes all black essentials to make life easier for models on the go! Models will become obsessed with this bag because it’s perfect for castings, agency parties, and special events! Click on the bag to see what you get for the price of $150. — Model Atelier

While every model needs 6 key pieces, I think that these 6 pieces are also great wardrobe essentials for any woman. This particular collection of pieces just happens to be tailored to women (models) 5’8-6’1.

Standing at 6’2, I’m taller than the industry standard. My measurements are also bigger than that of a fashion model, so I knew the garments in the model bag may not all be the perfect fit. That being said, I absolutely LOVED the pieces I shot, and will expand a bit on each piece in the bag. The bag itself is also a perfect bag for any girl on the go! Small, but big enough to fit the essentials for go-sees and/or events, or simply just running errands.

Turtleneck: SO figure flattering (which you’ll hear a lot.. Models often need pieces that show off their figure when they’re going in for a quick audition). Not only is this piece great to pair with some denim and pumps (typical go-see attire), but it’s comfortable and a sharp look for all you non models too 🙂


Skirt: What I love so much about this entire collection is how easily you can interchange garments to create different looks, to go from one audition or event to the next with no stress. I literally just changed from my jeans to the skirt and my whole outfit looks transformed!


3/4 Sleeve Dress: Again, SO figure flattering. This is something I would wear time and time again, and we all know that EVERY girl needs at least one little black dress in their closet.


Tank Top and Sleeveless Dress: The only reason why I didn’t shoot these items was because I felt like I was perhaps a bit too busty for the cut of these pieces to sit properly. Models generally have a smaller bust so understandably, the pieces are made for that figure. Otherwise, the dress was again, a beautiful silhouette and I couldn’t stop staring at my butt in it! It also fit a bit longer than the above dress.

Leggings: Black leggings are a pretty generic piece which is part of the reason I didn’t shoot them. I absolutely loved that they were a bit thicker than your general leggings. They were so warm and cozy to wear. I felt like a size up  would be a bit more comfortable to wear, and at 6’2 they didn’t extend fully down to my ankle, but otherwise these leggings are the perfect piece to round out the collection.

Long story short (I know, this post has been quite wordy), I think the Model Bag is a pretty brilliant concept and has been executed beautifully! It’s definitely a great gift for any model. I know that I would have loved something like this when I was a young model, always stressing about making a perfect and professional impression at each casting.

BUT — I also think this is a fantastic gift or purchase for any woman! Keeping in mind, the pieces are mostly catered towards typical model measurements, but it’s available in a small, medium, or large, so there’s some play room for women with more diverse shapes. Such a great way to get some staples into your wardrobe 🙂

If you didn’t already get a head start on all your holiday shopping this past weekend with the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, gifting a Model Bag might be just what you need to kick off the season’s shopping! I would definitely appreciate one of these under the tree!



Photos of me by @viewsfromzach