The Sumissura Experience!

I was recently contacted by Sumissura about trying out their service for a custom tailored outfit. If you’re unfamiliar with Sumissura, they’re a Swiss-based brand of tailor-made clothing for women whose goal is to give all women the opportunity to access the world and enjoy the comfort of tailor-made clothing at an affordable price.

I didn’t know how the whole process worked until I checked out their website, but had been following them already on instagram, so I knew they had some gorgeous styles to offer. I was given the option to choose a suit and a shirt, so I quickly got to work customizing my order.

Sumissura offers many pre-designed suits, tuxedos, jackets, dresses, etc., but their most exciting feature is to design your own. Once I saw the extensive selection of fabrics, I knew EXACTLY what I would hope to have made. My inspiration was drawn directly from Cate Blanchett’s character in Ocean’s 8. I fell in love with her entire wardrobe throughout the movie, most specifically, her green velvet pant suit.

The customization process includes everything from fabric to lapel size, and pocket styles to the fit of the pants. I think I successfully recreated the suit I was envisioning, within Sumissura’s offerings. I then used their super easy to follow instructional video to import all of my measurements so that not only was my suit made to my style preferences, but also specifically for MY body (every tall girl’s dreams).

My package arrived safe and sound, exactly two weeks after I placed my order, but I waited until the following Saturday (5 days later) to try it on so I could film the experience (watch my entire Sumissura process HERE). They DO have a perfect fit guarantee, so if things aren’t fitting properly they’ll remake it or pay for alterations as long as you contact support within 7 days of receiving the order.

Long story short, I’M IN LOVE WITH MY SUIT!!! Everything fits like a glove. The quality is unreal. It looks ON POINT! When I’m wearing it, I feel like a boss bitch ready take whatever life wants to throw my way (actually though… don’t mess with me while I’m wearing it!).


I think it’s important to note that because I’m used to a stretch pant that moves with me, the tailor fit pant without stretch is a bit of an adjustment. The length of the pant is JUST at the ankle when I’m standing because I didn’t want them to bunch at the bottom, so if I sit it rides up the leg (the way a men’s pant would). The fit around my waist and ankle is also a touch snug, BUT because I gave them my measurements I probably could have added an extra 1/4 inch to allow for a bit of movement. Not being an experienced seamstress, I didn’t really think that one through. I just have to make sure my booty/thigh gains aren’t too significant in the next month or so, because I plan on wearing this one to my friend’s wedding!


The ONLY other thing worth raising a potential flag to, is the length from waist to crotch. I don’t think there was an option to add a measurement for this area, and for us tall girls, this could raise a concern. Adding extra length to a pant for a tall girl often means adding length everywhere and not just in the leg. My pair of pants turned out pretty perfectly, but for anyone who has a long hip/waist, you MAY find it a little snug.

As for the blouse, I am in love with it. The fit is perfect. The material is SO ridiculously soft and I don’t think I’ve ever had a blouse that fits so nicely. I often find if I want it to fit my boobs, there’s no shape in the waist, and then if i want it to fit my waist, I’ll risk popping a button. I don’t have any of those concerns with this one and it looks so sharp!

Sumissura 1

Sumissura custom jacket lining.

For a custom tailored outfit, what Sumissura offers their customers is amazing! I’ve never ordered anything custom tailored before, and this experience was so easy, efficient and successful that I’ll definitely be making another order! I’ve already been raving about it to my girlfriends lol.. Every woman needs a good power suit. Even if I had any issues with my order, I know that because the process was so smooth, getting it fixed or altered would be just as hassle-free.


I want to give a  HUGE thank you to Eugenie at Sumissura for setting me up with this experience. Don’t be surprised if you find me in a suit at every occasion for the rest of forever. ❤

(If you’re interested in trying out the Sumissura experience for yourself, I don’t have an official referral code [YET! haha], but shoot me an email Through their referral program, I can email you $25 off!)

Hibernation Season

The title says it all. As soon as the cold weather hits, I turn into a hermit that only leaves the house if I absolutely have to…. sooooo basically only when I have to go to work. My social life suffers, my creativity seems to have frozen with the icicles outside my window, and my mood matches the grey wintery skies. Apparently I’ve been hibernating most of 2017…

I’m not sure where the shift happened, or if it was just the fresh start of a new year, but we’re halfway through January and I feel my hibernation lifting. I’m getting excited to create again, I’m slowly falling back into somewhat of a routine, and I’m feeling like myself again. Maybe it’s my new pink hair. Maybe it’s the new boots I got for 40% off… Or maybe it’s the new jacket I scored for only $15. Regardless. I’m loving it. Lay it on me 2018.


***Disclaimer: I bought the red jacket before dying my hair pink.

Jacket: Forever 21, $15 (I LOVE sale racks!!! Especially when the sleeves fit!!)
Boots: Call It Spring (they’re currently offering 30% off reg. price with code 30STYLE)
Scarf: Topshop
Tshirt: Hip and Bone
Gloves: Free People (past season)
Pants: Kingpins Royale denim jeans x One Teaspoon, (a few sizes left at The Store On Queen’s Blowout Sale — I wear mine a size larger than my normal)
Hair: Manic Panic



Photos done by Jesse Lozier


You all know how much I love whenever LTS releases another CURATD capsule. If I could, I’d probably buy the entire collection. And I think I’m in love with the 70s vibes coming from this outfit. All I need to track down is a pair of high waisted, wide legged denim pants and this look would be even more perfect!




Jacket: Western Jacket with Borg Trim, CURATD x Long Tall Sally
Blouse: Frill Detail Top, CURATD x Long Tall Sally
Hat: Missguided
Pants: Leigh skinny pants, Top Shop
Scarf: Zara (Mens)
Bag: Model Atelier
Boots: Steve Madden



Photos by Justin Robinson


Red Carpet Ready with JJ’s House

This past weekend was Buffer Festival here in Toronto and though I wasn’t able to attend for the whole weekend, I attended the gala on Sunday night! (read about last year’s experience HERE). The dress code was formal black-tie attire so I turned to JJ’s House to hook me up for the occasion! I ordered a bridesmaid dress from them for a wedding I was in back in March (see HERE), and had SUCH a positive experience with their custom sizing, that revisiting their site was a no-brainer for me.


the evening’s makeup look.

Ordering is simple enough and pricing is extremely reasonable! For us tall girls the ‘Custom Size’ option is an absolute godsend. Actually I’d say for women in general, this option is amazing. If you’re in between sizes, which so many women are, this feature gives you the option to get every part of the dress tailor made to your proportions, including length! Instructions on where/how to measure are included right on the page so you can’t get it wrong. There IS an additional fee for getting a dress made-to-order like this, BUT IT’S ONLY AN ADDITIONAL $20. I find this insane. You can’t even get something hemmed for that price here in the city lol..

Turn around time for both dresses I’ve gotten so far from them has also been extremely reasonable. I’m pretty sure it came in like 2-3 weeks (I should have kept track, I’m sorry). That being said, I would never recommend leaving dress shopping for an important event until last minute… Regardless, I was SO stoked that I wasn’t waiting months, nor was I breaking the bank, for a custom fit dress.

I definitely turned up the sex appeal and channeled my inner Jessica Rabbit with my dress this time around, and honestly couldn’t be more happy with the outcome! It was absolutely perfect for the event. Maybe next time I won’t just LOOK red carpet ready, I’ll actually be ON the red carpet 😉


So far my orders from JJ’s have been 2 for 2, so you better bet I’ll find an excuse to order from them again in the future!!


ps.. I styled my man for the night too! So excited when he’s wiling to put his style in my hands!

Dress: JJ’s House
Jacket: H&M (past season)
Necklace: TopShop (past season)
Shoes: Vince Camuto (past season)
Bag: Model Bag, Model Atelier



Flashback to February. I attended the most amazing tall women’s brunch hosted here in Toronto by tall blogger Bree of The Tall Society. For any of you who have yet to experience one of these brunches, I highly recommend checking her tour schedule HERE to see when the event will be in a city near you. There’s an unspoken understanding between tall women, and it feels so refreshing and empowering to spend time with those who just seem to get you (and your height!!).

We were sent home with little swag bags after our lovely afternoon with a selection of great discounts and gift cards for some tall friendly retailers, including two pairs (or should I say pears) of adorable socks from Woven Pear. Aside from the super fun prints and designs they offer, the best part about their socks? They fit up to a women’s size 12!! Which for any of you tall girls, you know that can be hard to find sometimes.


I had so much fun shooting this look with my girl Jazminn, who, at 6’1, is my tall partner in crime here in the city. She was my tall brunch date, and it was obvious that she’d help me out with this week’s look. Spending time with her continually reminds me how valuable it is to have women in your life who only love and support you and who generate nothing but positive energy.




Socks: Woven Pear (designs: Need Narwhal and Pink Lemonade)
Boxers: Daydream Nation from The Store On Queen
Romper: Daydream Nation from The Store On Queen
Bra: La Senza



Photos by Amy Buck

That Fit Life

My boyfriend and I have been talking embarrassingly long about how we’re going to get back to the gym and get back to living a healthier lifestyle. I wouldn’t say that we’re particularly unhealthy, but neither of us have really been very active for quite some time. For the last year I’ve had a week here or there where I’ll go for jogs or do an at home workout, but I get so easily distracted when I’m at home and lose all motivation.

So about a month ago, while I was in the midst of working on cosplays between work and sleep, we decided that once the craziness of FanExpo had settled, we would join a gym and commit to going together. The couple that works out together, stays together, ya?

So that brings us to the middle of September. I feel like I’m back on a somewhat normal schedule since FanExpo finished, so last week Wednesday, we joined the gym. Not gonna lie, having fitness on the  brain definitely inspired this week’s look.


This also brought me to the realization that my selection of workout gear is VERY minimal and that I need to do some research on some great workout tights for these long legs. These LTS leather leggings look and fit really well, but they’re definitely not what I would actually wear to the gym. If you know of some brands that offer cute/long styles, I’d love to hear. This girl needs to stock up!


I completed my look this week with this super rad trainer jacket from my friends over at Pink City. I love how long it fits, and how cool I can look while still getting my nerd on. I feel like I should be gaining extra magikarp candies though while wearing this, because I’ve got a LONG way to go still until I can evolve them into a gyarados.. Gotta catch ’em all! …..or so I’ve heard.



Leggings: Leatherette Leggings, Long Tall Sally
Top: by Evil Twin, from  The Store On Queen (no longer available)
Jacket: HYDRO PUMP trainer coat, black, Pink City
Sneakers: Converse


Photos by Adam Holmes

Happy August!

How is it August already? I feel like summer just began, yet at the same time am feeling like it’s almost over. Summer in Canada really is far too short, and despite the cooler weather yesterday, I find myself making sure I dress for summer as  much as possible.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I don’t often wear much colour. I generally feel most comfortable in blacks, whites and greys, and I think my hair makes up for the lack of colour in my wardrobe. But sometimes a pop of colour and/or print is necessary to keep the summer vibes alive when our summer days are feeling a bit lackluster. Cue: my newest trouser from TallGirls UK! Not only are they bright and sharp, but they’re also ridiculously comfortable. Paired with a crop top and my leather vest, it makes the perfect outfit for an cool summer evening out.


One quick word of advice if you shop at TallGirls: follow their size chart! I though I would wear a UK8, but according to the size chart I’m more suited to the UK10.


Pants: paisley print peg 36 leg trouser, black, TallGirls
I’m wearing a UK10. (It’s also just over 30% off right now)
Crop: The Store on Queen. The top is no longer available, but here’s a similar option — click here.
Vest: Noisy May. It’s from an older collection, but this jacket has a similar vibe and zip.
Necklace: Forever21
Shoes: Zara

The Wedding Date

On Saturday, I had the most wonderful date being my love’s +1 to his friend’s wedding. The day started with a boat cruise over to Toronto Island, where the ceremony and reception took place. It was a day full of fun, beautiful people and overflowing with love.


I found the most perfect dress from The Store on Queen to wear to this perfect summer wedding on the island. I didn’t “shop tall” for this dress this time around, so the length sits right above my ankle. Normally I’d rather the dress be shorter or longer, but on a hot summer day and plans to be on the island, this dress paired with a cute strappy sandal was exactly what I was looking for. It also made it easier dip my toes in water on the beach. Thank youuu summer weather for making fashion choices more flexible!


PS.. I may or may not have caught the bride’s bouquet that night. I’m not saying I had an advantage buuuuttt, I may have had a tiny advantage.



Dress: Cotton Candy LA “Arian” dress from The Store On Queen
Sandals: I was having too much fun and failed to get a photo of my sandals WITH my entire outfit, but I paired this dress with Dolce Vita’s “Karma” sandal from Shoo by Steve Madden (pictured below)


Zebra Stripes

I love a casual dress but I’m not much of a dress person, so I usually just admire them on other people. Being 6’2, it’s difficult to find dresses that work on my frame, so that effortless throw-on-a-dress-and-run-out-the-door look is not nearly as effortless for me. It’s always the same issues: short dresses are too short, mid length dresses are short dresses that are all the wrong shape and long dresses are mid length dresses that are obviously supposed to be longer. The best part of the dress shopping nightmare is that I didn’t realize how often I’d settle and make something work until I started shopping dresses that were actually made for my size. So it’s probably no surprise that today’s dress is from the tried and true, Long Tall Sally


This dress is so comfortable! The shape is so easy to dress up, but I decided to dress it down this time. I’ve paired the dress with my newest pair of sneakers and my super rad bracelet from Ashley Bridget. Even though I’m wearing it with Cons, I still felt so pretty in this dress, and of course, IT FITS. What a great feeling, when a mid length dress is actually mid length.

CU BODYIMG_6766CU DRESSbrac6 out of focusbrac5conss


Dress: Ruby Rocks Swirl Stripe Tube Dress, Long Tall Sally
I’m wearing a size 6.
ShoesConverse Chuck Taylor (leather white monochrome)
Bracelet: Grey Bracelet in Onyx, Ashley Bridget
(All accessories are 60% OFF on their site using the Promo Code TALLEST60)



Photos by Vanessa Popoli

I ❤ Bestival

Recently in an article in Bloomberg, reporter Claire Suddath wrote that I look like I’m the type of girl who “dresses like someone who can tell you a lot of stories about going to Coachella.”

While I LOVE festival fashion and also have a deep love of music, I sadly have never been to Coachella… yet! I DO however try to catch shows for some of my favourite artists when they’re in the city, and this  weekend was able to go to Bestival for a day. I missed out last year and as soon as I saw Daughter and Grimes in the lineup, and on the same day,  I made sure to grab a ticket for this year.

It was a windy and slightly chilly day at times, enough for me to forget the need for sunscreen (hellooooo awkward tanlines), but overall I had such a beautiful time. I heard some people complain that last year was better, but I had no previous experience to compare it to and probably would have thoroughly enjoyed the experience regardles. Give me music, and sunshine, and I’m a happy girl!

It was also the perfect day to wear my lace pants from Long Tall Sally (paired with an adorable off the shoulder crop top from them as well). You know you did something right when both guys AND girls are stopping you to compliment your outfit. It’s very rare for me though, to wear pants that are too long, but that was the case today. I tried to tie them up on each leg so that I could comfortably wear my converse shoes with them, but it wasn’t long before those threads came undone, and I was dancing on the hems of my pants at the Bollywood stage. I considered wearing my 7 inch platform sandals so this wouldn’t be an issue, but decided that I wanted to enjoy myself today, and not turn myself into one of the attractions at the festival. Being a 6’9 mermaid dancing through the park would make it MUCH more difficult to blend in and enjoy myself than it was at 6’2. Note to self: get these pants hemmed (something I never thought I’d say).

IMG_4754 2IMG_4787

IMG_4811 2IMG_4813 2

IMG_4969 2IMG_4970 2IMG_4977 2IMG_4980 2IMG_4985 2IMG_4999 2

I think for me, this was my official kick off to summer ’16. It’s also left me craving more music and more festivals. More! GIVE ME MORE!!! Until then, I’m looking forward to sunshine in the 6ix. Summer is here 🙂


Pants and top: Long Tall Sally
Sunglasses, choker and flash tattoosThe Store On Queen
Backpack: in my closet



Photos by myself and Naomi Peters