I ‚ô° Toronto

I find one of the most common questions I get working downtown (aside from anything height related), is if I’m from here. My response, I grew up a few hours outside the city, but I’ve been living in Toronto off and on now for 7 years, and yes, I absolutely love it.

Brighter2 (4 of 8)

I find it hard to imagine living anywhere else. This city always has something going on. Anything you need is generally accessible within a few blocks at any given time, and though it seems absolutely massive, Toronto is actually so small. I used to feel like just another number in the crowd, but nowadays, I can rarely go for a walk downtown without seeing someone I know. Probably part of the reason I love putting together dope outfits.. If I’m going to be seen by ANYone I know, I better look and feel amazing!

Another huge thank you to Long Tall Sally for giving me a taste of their new CURATD capsule. I’m always confident I’ll be on trend and looking well put together with the pieces they’ve been putting out. Perfect styles to be seen in ūüėČ
My ONLY downside this time around is the fit of these gorgeous pants. I don’t know if it’s the extra leg exercises I’ve been doing lately or what, but my thighs seemed a bit too thick for the silhouette of the pant, and the waist a bit loose in comparison. They wore well while I was standing, but any extra movement (including sitting) wasn’t the most comfortable.


Top: Tie neck detailed blouse, CURATD x Long Tall Sally
Pants: PU Zip detail trouser, CURATD x Long Tall Sally
Hat:¬†faux leather beret, Missguided (yes they also have a tall department, and often have sales running to make their already affordable items, even more affordable. I recently made a purchase during their “50% off orders $200+” sale. Click HERE to get $20 off your next purchase)
Shoes: Freda Salvadore


Photos by Austin Marshall


Staying Motivated with MPGxLTS

With spring just around the corner, I’m feeling the push to get my fitness routine back to being a regular routine. While I’m in the groove of getting myself back on track, I figured I’d share some tips and tricks that keep me motivated/excited about my workouts, and afterwards I’ve got two new outfits to go with it (you didn’t think I’d leave the fun part out did you?!).¬†I’m definitely no expert, and there are plenty of fitness gurus online that you can pull inspiration from, but I’ve been feeling good about the work I’ve been putting in and thought I’d share what works for me!

  1. Schedule your gym/workout time! I understand a busy schedule. In fact, mine has been a bit TOO busy lately what with moving apartments thrown into the mix. But now that that’s done,¬†I’m back to figuring out when I can get to the gym. I end up scheduling my workouts just like I’d schedule a meeting, or an appointment. Whether it’s a chunk of time to go to the gym, or doing squats between chores when your schedule is just too tight, write it down! You have no excuse when you’ve already allotted time for it.
  2. Change up your routine. Since I’ve started going back to the gym, I’ve tried to make sure I’m not doing the same thing over and over. It keeps things interesting and keeps your body engaged. Doing the same thing day in and day out, your body will eventually plateau and you won’t see much growth, plus, it’s way more fun when you’ve got other options. I like to throw classes into the mix when I can fit them in because it generally gets me moving in ways I don’t do on my own, and at a different pace than I often workout.
  3. Find what makes you feel good.¬†I feel most productive at the gym when I’m in a good mood. Often enough, all I need is a good playlist to get me grooving. Lately I’ve been jamming to Rag’N’Bone Man’s new album ‘Human.’I don’t think it’s typical workout music, but whatever works for you, roll with it!
    Not gonna lie, I also feel great when I’ve got a great gym outfit on too, which I never really realized until recently. For awhile I was just wearing simple workout pants and a cut off tshirt (which, don’t get me wrong, I still wear!!), but sometimes a fresh outfit give me that extra push I need. When I look¬†the part, it’s almost easier to act the part. And when acting the part consists of working out harder, my body is not complaining!
  4. Don’t compare yourself to others.¬†I often look at others as inspiration (@tammyhembrow¬†and @rahrahxoxo are some of my faves on Insta), but sometimes it’s easy to look at them and feel intimidated/defeated because I’m not where they are. Don’t get caught up in that trap! Everyone is at different stages in their fitness journey, and comparing yourself to someone else is like comparing apples and oranges. You may both be working out, but they probably have a completely different body type than you, and have probably¬†been going at it longer/harder, and have a different diet/lifestyle/etc. The only way to gauge progress is to compare yourself against yourself. Listen to your body and watch as it responds/changes over time. I find that when I see even the slightest improvement, I’m even more excited to push myself a little bit more.
  5. Listen to your body.¬†Everyone has days when they’re not feeling motivated, and sometimes those days your workout is short and sweet and you don’t do much. The point though, is that you still did something. I’ve learned that to stay motivated, I don’t work well if I’m really not feeling it. But I also have to balance that with pushing myself when I’m feeling a bit low energy. This often means doing that extra repetition when I think I’m done. Or adding that extra 5 pounds to my weights during my last set. The longer I work out the better I get at listening to what my body needs, and what it can do. I’ve been going at my own pace, but I’m learning how/when to push myself, especially when I feel like I can’t.

There it is! I’m no expert by ANY means. Just a girl figuring out how I can better myself and my body. Let me know what you think, and if you have any tips/tricks that help you out.

OH!! And my newest (and favourite) outfits! When LTS announced their collab with MPG Sport, I decided what better way to use my Long Tall Sally¬†Christmas gift card I’d been saving. I bought myself the mesh paneled workout tights and fell in love. So when LTS¬†asked if I’d be interested in trying out a few more pieces, I was obviously excited, and after wearing them all, I’m a fan.


Jogging Pants: Washed Sweatpants, Long Tall Sally
I’m wearing a Small. The length and fit are perfect (surprise surprise). They are incredibly comfortable and soft on the inside, and stylish if you’re wearing them out and about while running errands.

T-Shirt: MPGxLTS Eden Warm Down Top, Long Tall Sally
I love the light weight material, and the detailing on the back panel!

Tights: MPGxLTS Splicer Fabric Mixed Leggings, Long Tall Sally
I’m wearing an Extra Small. I LOVE THESE! They fit beautifully. The material is a nice thick fabric but still breathes while working out.

Sports Bra: MPGxLTS Accomplish Sports Bra, Long Tall Sally
I’m wearing a size Small. Overall, it fits and feels great! I don’t really notice it at all while I’m working out. Though it’s a touch difficult to do the hooks up on the back.

Jacket: Bomber Jacket, Long Tall Sally
I’m wearing a US8. This jacket is a new staple in my wardrobe. Basic black. Dressed up or down, it’s a stylish and simple addition to any outfit.

Shoes: Adidas Pureboost X trainers, Footlocker
I’ve only worn these sneakers a few times so far, but they feel like a cloud on my feet! I don’t know if it’s because my last trainers were far older than I’m willing to admit, but regardless, I’m loving these!



Photos by Justin Robinson


If you follow me over on my personal Insta account, you may or may not have noticed a lack of clothing for what I’ve deemed #nopantsjanuary. After seeing that my most liked posts of 2016 were generally without clothes, I figured it would be a fun and cheeky way to kick off 2017. Since I’m comfortable sharing it, and since it would generate higher traffic and more interactions, I figured ‘Why not?’

Now, I love fashion. I love creating outfits, and I love playing around with different combinations, even if it’s something as simple as jeans, a tshirt, and a snapback. But I also love being naked, or at least close to it. I swear I was made to live in warmer weather for this very reason. What I didn’t really expect from sharing these photos though, is that it would be so much more for me than just a fun theme for the month.


The biggest result from¬†this month so far has been motivation. As most of you know, I committed myself to living a healthier and more fit lifestyle back in September when my boyfriend and I signed up for gym memberships. Though my schedule is generally all over the place, I’m super proud to say that I’ve not let a week pass where I’ve gone less than twice a week (usually going at least 3-4 days a week). I hit a bit of a lull this winter but as I started taking more photos this month with less clothing, I began to see some of the¬†progress I’ve made so far which has been incredibly motivating to keep at it. Perhaps it sounds silly to you, but it’s helped me find a new sense of body love. Loving where I’m at, loving how I’ve grown, and excited to better myself and continue growing in the future.


To celebrate #nopantsjanuary with my tall sisters, I decided to style this adorable lingerie set with my favourite TallGirls UK satin bomber! I get compliments on this jacket every single time I wear it. There’s nothing like a great outfit to leave a girl feeling incredible, but great lingerie brings a whole new level of sass and confidence.


Also, I’m curious to know if any of you enjoy lingerie as much as I do, and if you’re loving the body love type posts. I’m considering shooting more lingerie more often for the blog as an “Under the clothes” type entry, because sometimes what’s going on under the outfit is just as important as the outfit itself. What do you think?


Lingerie:¬†SomeDays Lovin’ TOP and BOTTOM, from The Store On Queen
Jacket: Satin bomber, TallGirls UK
Glasses: Dollskill (sold out, but they have a tinted lense pair HERE)



Photos by Justin Robinson

Oh hey 2017!

I don’t know about anyone else, but once winter hits here in Canada, I feel like I enter complete hibernation mode. Planning anything other than my regular work schedule, holiday dinners, and a few gym visits throughout the week starts to feel like a daunting task. So as the temperatures began to dip, so has my creativity and overall motivation.

It also doesn’t help that I turn into a bit of a winter grinch. I am NOT a fan of the cold, however pretty the first snowfall is, and seeing as how I generally need to use the outdoors to shoot looks for the blog, I tend to avoid planning shoots in cold weather, and it’s left me pretty dry on material for the last month or so. I’M SORRY!! lol.. no but really, week after week I’ve been feeling pretty lame about letting another week go by with no new content.

That being said, I HAVE been doing some shopping here and there and have a few things lined up to share. First of which is my Black Friday purchase from Missguided! I knowww this was ages ago, so some of the deals are irrelevant, but the style is not. ¬†For those of you who don’t know, Missguided has a tall deparment! I only found this out a few months ago and decided to take advantage of the sale for my first purchase. I only checked out with 3 items because, being a new tall retailer to me, I wanted to make sure it would fit!

My favourite item in this mini haul is what I styled this for this week’s post. These high waisted extreme wide leg pants are everything. The length is perfect for any tall girl who might want to rock them paired with a heel, but the drawstring waist also gives the option to secure higher on the waist when wearing a flat. The ribbing and the material give the pant a beautiful finish and they feel just as comfortable as they look. A solid win in my books, and closet!


The second item I chose was actually for a Christmas gift for my sister. Standing at 6′ tall I know she generally struggles with sleeve and pant lengths, so I opted for a super rad crushed velvet bomber jacket. The arms fit her beautifully!


photo from Missguidedus.com

The third item I chose, was a pair of pink crushed velvet loafers. They are absolutely adorable, and though I ordered a size 9, received a size 6 (when the packing slip said size 7). I’ve yet to exchange them but have my fingers crossed that the process will be easy and painless! (Though they carry tall clothing, their shoe selection only goes up to a size 10)


photo from Missguidedus.com

Has anyone else shopped from the Missguided Tall Clothing department? What has your experience been and how did your purchases turn out? Overall, I’m definitely interested in shopping there again!


Pants:¬†Missguided (no longer available but there’s another badass wide length pant here¬†— now 50% off))
Shirt: Zara
Choker: ‘Notice Me Senpai’ choker coming soon to Pink City

Bomber: Missguided (now 60% off!!)
Shoes: Missguided (now 50% off!!)



Photos by Justin Robinson

Last Minute NYE!

Is anyone else waking up today realizing that a) it’s New Years Eve, b) they have no plans, and c) they’ve nothing to wear?! I don’t know how exactly this year has come and gone so quickly but I’ve come to terms with the fact that I don’t do well at planning ahead and am attempting to embrace the¬†last minute struggle. Luckily enough, I’m one step ahead and already have plans to spend the evening with some close friends to ring in the new year.¬†But when you’re a procrastinator and are told to ‘dress to impress’, you’re still left scrambling for an outfit on the day of or if you’re on your game, the night before.

In true last minute fashion, and in my own attempt to figure out some fabulous NYE appropriate outfit for myself, I quickly threw together a few of my favourite party dresses that I came across late (and I mean laaaate) last night, while online shopping for NYE inspo. Shopping online before you’re in the actual store makes it easy to be in and out when you’re in a time crunch, just make sure you’re checking out shops that have locations local to you. Also,¬†I decided this year to avoid black. A black dress on New Years is safe and generally what I would lean towards, but my plan this year is to ring in 2017 in sparkle and/or colour!

Without further ado, my top (last minute) party dresses to wear into 2017:

forever21-20Olive green crushed velvet long sleeve mini
Forever 21
(note: I’ve been loving up on the crushed velvet lately and think that it would be a lovely and more subtle alternate to the sparkle and sequins that typically screams New Years. Maybe looking at the long sleeves is a bit ambitious but if all else fails, 3/4 length sleeves are totally a thing still right?)

Floral pencil skirt
Price N/A
(note: unfortunately, this shop doesn’t have much aside from Instagram posts when it comes to garment information on their website. Will have to inquire in store. The length of this skirt looks promising for us longer limbed ladies, and if this skirt were a silk/satin finish, it would be a badass statement piece for any NYE outfit. A nice change from your typical cocktail type dress)

tsoq-150Pink/purple sequin spaghetti strap mini
The Store On Queen
(I feel like this girly number would be totally badass with a leather jacket and some combat boots)


freepeople-655Antique pink sequin mini dress with flutter sleeves and plunging neckline
Free People
(note: would look beautiful with tights or worn as a tunic vs dress)

Nude mesh dress covered with with multicoloured gems
Naked Bodyz
(note: I’ve been walking by this gorgeous dress in this store’s window for a few weeks now and am absolutely in love. I was a little bit sad, though not surprised, that it was WAYY out of my price range, and am unsure if the strategically placed gems would cover the necessary areas on a taller frame, but a girl can dream right?)

Anyways, there you have it dolls! Some of my potential NYE finds on a major time crunch. Take note, all prices listed are in Canadian dollars. Also keep in mind, since I’m looking with time constraints (the outfit is for a certain countdown THIS EVENING), I only kept my search to shops within the downtown Toronto core! Good luck to anyone who’s in the same boat as me, and frantically planning fabulous in no time. Who knows, maybe after ¬†all that, I’ll end up in something that’s already in my closet. Typical.


Happy Holidays and Happy New Years, with love and well wishes,

Stefanie – The Tallest Mermaid

….see you in 2017 ‚̧

All Black Everything, almost..

I find the trickiest part of this time of year is trying to figure out how/where to take photos without freezing in the below desirable temperatures. So far this winter though, Mother Nature seems to be on my side (either that, or global warming is becoming more prominent this season *nervous laugh*).

When I finished styling this week’s outfit, I looked in the mirror and instantly felt like some sort of lost Spice Girl. Perhaps it was the high ponytail, or the thick choker, or maybe the shade of glasses. Either way, 90s fashion brings me back to my childhood, and I love a refined¬†throwback outfit.

I’ve still ¬†got nothing but great things to say about Tall Girls‘ pieces. Both the tights and this jacket are tailored so beautifully and are great pieces to style with any outfit. Though I styled the jacket on it’s own, it would lend itself beautifully to a crisp blouse underneathe, for a more conservative look, and would also be a great addition to any business casual/formal wardrobe.¬†Don’t let my photos scare¬†you away! This jacket is beautiful for ANY age.


Tall Girls
Leggings: Tall Girls
Bralette:¬†Victoria’s Secret (past season)
Shoes: Aldo (past season)
Glasses: The Store On Queen (sold out)
Choker:¬†DIY.. a simple piece of ribbon ūüôā



Photos by Naomi Peters

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Now I know what you’re thinking.. “Stef, we’ve seen this coat¬†already!” (seen HERE)
If you’ve browsed through the CURATDxLTS collection though, you’ll understand why I had to use it again. The entire capsule is stunning and when I got the ribbed turtleneck dress, I knew the only way I could shoot it was with the CURATD jacket as well.


I love monochromatic outfits and I’m currently obsessing over this one. I’ve been seeing this dusty¬†lavender pink¬†everywhere this season¬†so before the season is up, my goal is to find a bag to match (I’ve already scoped out a pair of boots). Now that I’ve gotten some more wear out of the coat, I’m realizing it’s so much warmer that I expected. It may look thin, and there’s only a one button closure, but this coat is definitely a good mix of fashion AND function.

The dress is a simple yet beautiful piece. It felt a bit shorter than I expected when I got it on, and I was a bit surprised by how high the slit went on the side but I think the turtleneck and long sleeves balance it out nicely. It feels classic, but still fresh. And not gonna lie, my boyfriend was a fan of this one ūüôā


Dress: Ribbed Turtleneck Dress, CURATDxLTS, Long Tall Sally
Coat: Single Button Maxi Coat, CURATDxLTS, Long Tall Sally
Boots: Aldo
This outfit would look banging with these Camper booties:
Bag: my closet



Photos by Johan Johannesson

Back 2 (s)COOL!

It’s been a ‘couple’ of years since I’ve had to do any sort of back to school shopping but there’s something about the last week before September that always makes me feel like shopping for new¬†things.

While I might not be going back to school, I put together this outfit as something that I would totally wear if I were. Actually let’s be real, I’m a kid at heart, and I wear this look even though I’m way past the student chapter of my life… at least for now.


Sometimes an outfit calls for a plain white tee, and though it’s not entirely plain, this incredibly rad Leather Box Tee does the trick. It’s a plain white tee with an edge, exactly my style. I paired it with my Joni’s from Top Shop, and my [not so] clean white leather converse to keep with the black and white theme.

And what’s back to school without a fresh new backpack? When I was younger, I’d be so excited because every other year I’d get a new backpack, so getting this new bag from Sprayground a little while ago gave me that fresh new bag feel all over again, but with some badass street vibes. I might not be a student, but a backpack when you’re running around the city all the time is crucial. And wearing it makes everyone THINK¬†I’m a student¬†(thank youuuuu student discounts lol). #idressmyage



Tee: Leather Box Tee, Hip and Bone
Pants: Joni skinnies, Top Shop
(more about my love of Top Shop’s Tall department, HERE)
Backpack: Sprayground (I warn you, they have the coolest backpacks)
Hat: Lords of Gastown
Sneakers: Converse

Photos by Justin Robinson


Zebra Stripes

I love a casual dress but I’m not much of a dress person, so I usually just admire them on other people. Being 6’2, it’s difficult to find dresses that work on my frame, so that effortless throw-on-a-dress-and-run-out-the-door look is not nearly as effortless for me. It’s always the same issues:¬†short dresses are too short, mid length dresses are short dresses that are all the wrong shape and¬†long dresses are¬†mid length dresses that are obviously supposed to be longer. The best part of the dress shopping nightmare is that I didn’t realize how often I’d settle and¬†make something work until I started shopping dresses that were actually made for my size. So it’s probably no surprise that today’s dress is from the tried and true, Long Tall Sally ‚̧


This dress is so comfortable! The shape is so easy to dress up, but I decided to dress it down this time. I’ve paired the dress with my newest pair of sneakers and my super rad bracelet from Ashley Bridget.¬†Even though I’m wearing it with Cons, I still felt so pretty in this dress, and of course, IT FITS. What a great feeling, when a mid length dress is actually mid length.

CU BODYIMG_6766CU DRESSbrac6 out of focusbrac5conss


Dress: Ruby Rocks Swirl Stripe Tube Dress, Long Tall Sally
I’m wearing a size 6.
Shoes: Converse Chuck Taylor (leather white monochrome)
Bracelet: Grey Bracelet in Onyx, Ashley Bridget
(All accessories are 60% OFF on their site using the Promo Code TALLEST60)



Photos by Vanessa Popoli