DreamBelts for Valentine’s

When you live where winters are cold, the only good thing about February is Valentine’s Day. I’ve never really done much for Valentine’s day nor have I expected anything, but my boyfriend and I have used it as an excuse to go on a little staycation a few times here in the city, and I’ve also been guilty of using it to justify the purchase of some pretty intimates. Even if we don’t have plans, wearing a something spicy under my clothes is like a little Valentine to myself.

So far this year, we’ve not made plans but I’m already throwing together a few backup outfit ideas.. you know.. just in case. I recently had the pleasure of shooting with a local designer who makes leather harnesses for her brand, DreamBelts.  I already knew I loved harnesses and leather, her accessories are kind of perfect to add to a Valentine’s outfit!

While harnesses have that very obvious element of kink, they can so easily be incorporated into fashion no matter your personal style, and do NOT have to be left to only bedroom fashion. Personally, wearing leather and harnesses make me feel powerful and sexy, and I just can’t get enough, so I figured I’d share how I styled a few pieces for our most recent shoot.

Dress: brought by the designer

Dress: Boohoo (tall)

White pantsuit: ASOS (tall)
Vest: brought by the designer
Lingerie: Victoria’s Secret


All photos by Gustavo Gonzalez

Hibernation Season

The title says it all. As soon as the cold weather hits, I turn into a hermit that only leaves the house if I absolutely have to…. sooooo basically only when I have to go to work. My social life suffers, my creativity seems to have frozen with the icicles outside my window, and my mood matches the grey wintery skies. Apparently I’ve been hibernating most of 2017…

I’m not sure where the shift happened, or if it was just the fresh start of a new year, but we’re halfway through January and I feel my hibernation lifting. I’m getting excited to create again, I’m slowly falling back into somewhat of a routine, and I’m feeling like myself again. Maybe it’s my new pink hair. Maybe it’s the new boots I got for 40% off… Or maybe it’s the new jacket I scored for only $15. Regardless. I’m loving it. Lay it on me 2018.


***Disclaimer: I bought the red jacket before dying my hair pink.

Jacket: Forever 21, $15 (I LOVE sale racks!!! Especially when the sleeves fit!!)
Boots: Call It Spring (they’re currently offering 30% off reg. price with code 30STYLE)
Scarf: Topshop
Tshirt: Hip and Bone
Gloves: Free People (past season)
Pants: Kingpins Royale denim jeans x One Teaspoon, (a few sizes left at The Store On Queen’s Blowout Sale — I wear mine a size larger than my normal)
Hair: Manic Panic



Photos done by Jesse Lozier


You all know how much I love whenever LTS releases another CURATD capsule. If I could, I’d probably buy the entire collection. And I think I’m in love with the 70s vibes coming from this outfit. All I need to track down is a pair of high waisted, wide legged denim pants and this look would be even more perfect!




Jacket: Western Jacket with Borg Trim, CURATD x Long Tall Sally
Blouse: Frill Detail Top, CURATD x Long Tall Sally
Hat: Missguided
Pants: Leigh skinny pants, Top Shop
Scarf: Zara (Mens)
Bag: Model Atelier
Boots: Steve Madden



Photos by Justin Robinson


I ♡ Toronto

I find one of the most common questions I get working downtown (aside from anything height related), is if I’m from here. My response, I grew up a few hours outside the city, but I’ve been living in Toronto off and on now for 7 years, and yes, I absolutely love it.

Brighter2 (4 of 8)

I find it hard to imagine living anywhere else. This city always has something going on. Anything you need is generally accessible within a few blocks at any given time, and though it seems absolutely massive, Toronto is actually so small. I used to feel like just another number in the crowd, but nowadays, I can rarely go for a walk downtown without seeing someone I know. Probably part of the reason I love putting together dope outfits.. If I’m going to be seen by ANYone I know, I better look and feel amazing!

Another huge thank you to Long Tall Sally for giving me a taste of their new CURATD capsule. I’m always confident I’ll be on trend and looking well put together with the pieces they’ve been putting out. Perfect styles to be seen in 😉
My ONLY downside this time around is the fit of these gorgeous pants. I don’t know if it’s the extra leg exercises I’ve been doing lately or what, but my thighs seemed a bit too thick for the silhouette of the pant, and the waist a bit loose in comparison. They wore well while I was standing, but any extra movement (including sitting) wasn’t the most comfortable.


Top: Tie neck detailed blouse, CURATD x Long Tall Sally
Pants: PU Zip detail trouser, CURATD x Long Tall Sally
Hat: faux leather beret, Missguided (yes they also have a tall department, and often have sales running to make their already affordable items, even more affordable. I recently made a purchase during their “50% off orders $200+” sale. Click HERE to get $20 off your next purchase)
Shoes: Freda Salvadore


Photos by Austin Marshall


Spring Cleaning

It’s still difficult to tell whether or not Spring has actually sprung, what with all these surprise snowfalls we’ve been getting over the last few weeks. I mean come onnnnn Mother Nature, give it a break already!

But with the slowww transition to Spring, comes the need to purge and clean up the home, and in turn the closet. I often find it difficult to let go of old, out of date clothes, especially when they’re garments that fit. Sure I may not have worn them for years, but what if I get rid of them and later have a need for that exact item? Where else will I find something like it that’s going to fit me should I ever need it again?! Is it completely ridiculous to hold on to these pieces for that rare just-in-case scenario?

I have two pairs of pants in particular that I just can’t seem to let go of. I bought them while I was in university (probably nine or ten years ago) at a store called Off The Wall, a store that occasionally carried longer denim lengths. These pants are both somewhat retro looking slacks (one tweed, the other plaid… lol I know… ), and and if I’m being honest, have worn them MAYBE a handful of times. Even so, I can’t justify parting with them, so I decided to style a pair with this cold crossover winter/spring outfit.

Waking up to snow this morning, this sweater is exactly what I want to cuddle up in all day. It’s adorably stylish and would look cute over some lingerie around the house, or thrown over an outfit to run some errands.

Does anyone else hoard clothes like I do?? How do you renew old garments to make them new again?…. Or is it time to just let go?


Pants: old tweed slacks by Song (house brand), from Off The Wall (no longer open)
Sweater: KNITZ by For Love and Lemons, from The Store on Queen
Bra: Skivvies by For Love and Lemons, from The Store On Queen
Shirt: The Store On Queen
The Store On Queen
Necklace: Forever 21



Photos by Vanessa Popolii


Toronto Women’s Fashion Week

In most of the world’s biggest and most fashion forward cities, fashion week comes around twice a year. That was the case here in Toronto as well, up until last summer when organizers announced it’s cancellation due to lack of local support. You can imagine my excitement when I found out that the founders of Toronto Men’s Fashion week were going to introduce a separate Women’s Fashion Week as well!


Photo by Chris Cheung

Having walked runway many times before, including a few seasons for Zoran Dobric years ago for Toronto Fashion week, I’m no stranger to the event or the atmosphere, but attending on the media side of things was a completely different experience. Despite the dropping temperatures, I managed to make it to 5 shows between Saturday and Sunday for the first ever TW FW, and enjoyed every single one of them! Over the course of those two days I learned that I really want a kickass pant suit, the bigger the fringe, the better, and that I also need a great statement hat this season.

There wasn’t one show I attended that I didn’t enjoy. Evan Bidell, Roch, Stephan Caras, Hendrixroe and Mikael D. They were all incredible, though I did definitely have some favourites.

I knew I’d love Evan Biddell as I’d seen some of his work shown previously when I walked for FAT. He took on a challenge from Value Village, and repurposed 81lbs of second hand garments into a show that had cool vintage, rock and roll vibes.

The standout show to me was Hendrixroe. After seeing some of the photos from her men’s show earlier in the week I was excited and knew I’d enjoy it, but it ended up surpassing my expectations. I couldn’t get enough of the fringed moto jackets, and definitely want to get my hands on one of my own! Specifically one with the “Property of No One” patches on the back. The rock and roll vibes tend to win me over and this show did the same. This is the kind of line I’d wear. Every single item. And Hendrixroe is definitely a new favourite of mine.

I’ve included a few other favourite looks of mine from the two nights I attended. I’m beyond excited for next season! Now that I’ve broken the ice on this side of the spectrum, I’m ready and waiting for more.


Stephan Caras: 

Mikael D:



All runway photos by Shane Gray


Last Minute NYE!

Is anyone else waking up today realizing that a) it’s New Years Eve, b) they have no plans, and c) they’ve nothing to wear?! I don’t know how exactly this year has come and gone so quickly but I’ve come to terms with the fact that I don’t do well at planning ahead and am attempting to embrace the last minute struggle. Luckily enough, I’m one step ahead and already have plans to spend the evening with some close friends to ring in the new year. But when you’re a procrastinator and are told to ‘dress to impress’, you’re still left scrambling for an outfit on the day of or if you’re on your game, the night before.

In true last minute fashion, and in my own attempt to figure out some fabulous NYE appropriate outfit for myself, I quickly threw together a few of my favourite party dresses that I came across late (and I mean laaaate) last night, while online shopping for NYE inspo. Shopping online before you’re in the actual store makes it easy to be in and out when you’re in a time crunch, just make sure you’re checking out shops that have locations local to you. Also, I decided this year to avoid black. A black dress on New Years is safe and generally what I would lean towards, but my plan this year is to ring in 2017 in sparkle and/or colour!

Without further ado, my top (last minute) party dresses to wear into 2017:

forever21-20Olive green crushed velvet long sleeve mini
Forever 21
(note: I’ve been loving up on the crushed velvet lately and think that it would be a lovely and more subtle alternate to the sparkle and sequins that typically screams New Years. Maybe looking at the long sleeves is a bit ambitious but if all else fails, 3/4 length sleeves are totally a thing still right?)

Floral pencil skirt
Price N/A
(note: unfortunately, this shop doesn’t have much aside from Instagram posts when it comes to garment information on their website. Will have to inquire in store. The length of this skirt looks promising for us longer limbed ladies, and if this skirt were a silk/satin finish, it would be a badass statement piece for any NYE outfit. A nice change from your typical cocktail type dress)

tsoq-150Pink/purple sequin spaghetti strap mini
The Store On Queen
(I feel like this girly number would be totally badass with a leather jacket and some combat boots)


freepeople-655Antique pink sequin mini dress with flutter sleeves and plunging neckline
Free People
(note: would look beautiful with tights or worn as a tunic vs dress)

Nude mesh dress covered with with multicoloured gems
Naked Bodyz
(note: I’ve been walking by this gorgeous dress in this store’s window for a few weeks now and am absolutely in love. I was a little bit sad, though not surprised, that it was WAYY out of my price range, and am unsure if the strategically placed gems would cover the necessary areas on a taller frame, but a girl can dream right?)

Anyways, there you have it dolls! Some of my potential NYE finds on a major time crunch. Take note, all prices listed are in Canadian dollars. Also keep in mind, since I’m looking with time constraints (the outfit is for a certain countdown THIS EVENING), I only kept my search to shops within the downtown Toronto core! Good luck to anyone who’s in the same boat as me, and frantically planning fabulous in no time. Who knows, maybe after  all that, I’ll end up in something that’s already in my closet. Typical.


Happy Holidays and Happy New Years, with love and well wishes,

Stefanie – The Tallest Mermaid

….see you in 2017 ❤


The beginning of November is bittersweet. First of all it means that my birth-o-ween is officially over (I celebrate my birthday on October 29, plus, of course, Halloween within the same weekend). It also mean that the cooler weather is here to stay and, usually by now, getting colder.


I’m all for fall weather. For most fashionistas, it’s the perfect time of year for fashion. It’s the time of year for jackets, scarves, hats and layers! It’s my favourite time of year (having my birthday at this time of year helps lol), but there’s always the impending doom that the snow is just around the corner.

This week I played with some layers and also pulled out my leather shorts that I can never actually wear in the summer. Pairing thigh high socks with shorts makes them wearable in cooler weather and is a fun and playful way to change up your fall wardrobe.

My jacket in this post is from Bench. I never realized that they made items that fit taller girls but I’m so stoked to add another brand to the list of brands I can wear! I love how cozy this coat is, like a big oversized sweater. I picked this one up from Long Tall Sally during their 40th Anniversary party and probably would never have discovered that Bench fits me if they didn’t carry a selection of outside brands.


Coat: Bench, from Long Tall Sally
Shorts: Glamorous, from The Store On Queen (ps, they’re actually overalls!!)
Sweater: H&M (from the men’s section)
Socks: American Apparel
Socks and headband: Aldo


Photos by Adam Holmes